Sunday, June 29, 2008

Once Upon a Time....

Another bedtime ritual. About a year ago, in response to "Tell us a story Mommy!" I made up a story about a royal family. The story included all the things that boys love: intrigue, suspense, action with some solid Biblical messages thrown in. The story started out so that they would learn a little lesson in the end. They really enjoyed the first story so the next night I had to come up with another using the same family. It turned into about 12 different stories, each starting and ending in a very similar way, but the adventure was new every time the story was told. My children and husband thought I should start writing them out, so I started awhile back ago, last night ironically enough, Kyle requested another story "You know Mom the three princes, this time I want a brown horse". I haven't really told one in about a year.Come and join us as we share the story that starts the saga. (disclaimer: I am not a writer, I'm just a Mom trying to please three young boys)

Once upon a time.... a land far far away, there lived a royal family. They were a happy family who ruled over the kingdom of Watersedge. Watersedge was a prosperous and happy land. The people who lived in this kingdom felt safe and joy filled their land. The king and queen were largely responsible for this, for they took great care in running a kingdom with Godly principles. They did their best to live by the Word of God and submit to the will of the Lord.

Several years prior to this day, King Michael and Queen Lisa had given birth to 3 sons, Prince Kyle, Prince Brendan and Prince Shane. They were the pride and joy of all who lived in the kingdom. The people of Watersedge loved the princes and it was not uncommon for people to walk by the castle and see the Queen with her boys in the courtyard playing. Even in the midst of the chaos of a busy kingdom, common or royal, each one looked after the other! It was a glorious time to be alive.

On one beautiful spring day, the Queen was out picking berries with her sons, when they noticed that one bush had been singed. It was the spring sun, not too hot, but yet the bush looked as if it had caught a flame. When the Queen knelt beside the bush she suddenly disappeared. Left all alone, the three boys who were but toddlers, cried out for their father. For the first time really, fear had hit the hearts of the young princes and they sat together and cried. The king grew concerned when his wife had not returned so he sent his men to find her, but instead they returned with his three boys. Shaking and crying they ran to their father who embraced them and lavished his love upon them. When the boys felt secure again, the King tried to ask them what had happened. "Mother was picking berries and then she was gone - right through the bush - and we were left all by ourselves" said Prince Brendan. "We were so scared Father". "Now, now my boys" said the King, "your mother will be alright, we will find her, in the meantime you must remember not to be afraid, for the Lord is always right beside you! You are never alone my sons!" As he held his trembling boys, the king just gave one look at his men and off they went to investigate the disappearance of the Queen. His big hands and the touch of his lips atop their heads brought great comfort to these toddlers. It was the practice of the King and Queen to quote scripture to their boys so that someday they would have Word hidden in their hearts and be able to use it when needed to defeat the enemy of their souls.

It was finally determined that the Queen was kidnapped by the fiery dragon. The kingdom had not seen this beast in years. His lair could not be found and legend had told that even if you found his lair, if you even approached its edge you would be burned to ash. The kingdom seemed cloudy all the time now. Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months and months turned into years. Many years have passed and the King had all but given up hope by now. His sons were fully grown and indeed they were three strong and handsome young princes, but the kingdom of Watersedge was not what it had been.....once upon a time. (stay tuned for the continued story)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

How Great, Wide & Deep is Your Love?

I am pondering that very thought this afternoon as the rain is hitting my window. The Lord's love for me is so great, so deep, so wide, it is almost incomprehensible. I have been unable to post due to the busyness of my life this week. It is Vacation Bible School and we are up and out of the house by 8:00am and when we get home around 1:00pm, we are all "too pooped to pop"! I love VBS! I love the kids so much! It just blesses my heart to be able to be used this way! We are doing Power Lab VBS and we have about 120 children showing up every day! Praise God!

As you may know, we are without a car. My husband has a car for work (praise God he has work), but the children and I are doing without for now. It was weird in the beginning. Having to depend on others for a ride -- everywhere! However, as we are into our third week now, without a car, I am starting to understand the reason. It is for me, once again, to experience the fullness of His grace! I just want to thank the Lord for friends who have come to my aide these past few weeks. I am seeing "Jesus in skin" once again.

I told the kids at VBS today that the Lord places people in our lives to help us walk our walk each and every day! A family in our church offered their car for us to use during the month they will be vacationing. WOW! It is this same family that drove up my driveway on Monday after VBS and handed me the keys to their car. Telling me that they "figured I wouldn't ask them so they were just going to bring it here!" I was humbled and blessed!

During my devotions I was challenged to write a time line dating back 20 years to the present. Then, I was to list the major life-events through the years and place the names of people involved in my life during those times. It showed me all of the people that the Lord strategically placed in my path of life during those critical times in my life (or before those critical times actually occurred)! How powerful that was! I am so aware of the fact that that is a big way that the Lord shows how great, how wide, and how deep His love is for me. Yes, He showed it once and for all on the cross, but He is so generous that he would continue to show me every single day! Thank you Lord!

1000 Gifts (Gratitude List continued from previous post).....

81. Jesus in skin - (People who do the will of God for others).

82. Children's deep questions.

83. Opportunities to serve.

84. Friends who love me for me (mistakes and all).

85. Power - literal power (and the power of God).

86. A teachable spirit!

87. Time for reflection in the midst of the busyness of life!

88. The breathless wonder of startling beauty that is all around me!

89. Science experiments that are not messy!

90. 2 Thessalonians 1:2 (in The Message) "Our God gives you everything you need, makes you everything you're to be."

Friday, June 20, 2008

"Will Elmo Go To Heaven?"

The words of my sweet son as he went to sleep tonight. My deeply introspective little man - prayed that Mommy and Daddy would live to be 100 million 72 years old tonight. Yikes! He cried as he thought about us going to Heaven someday because once we are in Heaven we would not come back. Ever since his Pa died a few years ago, he has asked such deep questions about Heaven.

The tears ran down his precious little face as he said to me "But Mommy, will Elmo go up in Heaven too? My Elmo knows about Jesus, but I don't think he has a heart, not a real one. Can I just bring him to Heaven?" As the tears ran down my face I responded with "Well babe, you sure can talk to Jesus about that!" So he did. "Dear Jesus, please can I bring Elmo to heaven with me and all my dogs and my bear too? Please Jesus, so that I won't grow up, I want to be a kid forever so I don't have to leave my Mom and Dad. Please let my Mommy and Daddy live to be 100 million 72 years old. Amen."

My sweet Shane. My precious gift from God, his heart is so tender. I remember having this same conversation with another deep 4 year old about 11 years ago as he went to sleep on the couch in my apartment. He didn't want to grow up either. Incidentally, we watched him on TV tonight (all grown up at age 15), along with his brothers on their Disney Movie debut! Congrats boys!

Sleep well my sweet Shane and Elmo too!

We Interrupt This Program..... bring you this breaking news! Wait - Stop the presses!!! (a little newspaper humor for my husband) Brand new 5 year old lost his first tooth today! Sadly the tooth got lost amongst the yumminess of the homemade chocolate chip cookie and was swallowed by the boy! Oh my goodness. There was heartfelt weeping (no gnashing of teeth though)! My poor boy - how he longed for this moment, to hold his own tooth in the palm of his hand and place it under his pillow. At first, there was no consoling! This was HIS big moment and he swallowed his tooth.
But alas! His brother informed him that it will come out again - in a few days and if you eat lots of fiber!! "Really Mommy?" was his reply! Yes it will, but this Mommy will not be going there!!
However, we had some major celebrating to do now that the tooth was out! We pulled out our couch from against the wall and snuggled in our special spot to read the Tooth Book as is our family tradition!! It was great fun and Shane finally began to laugh! When we all shared our smiles and Shane says "Hey look, I got another loose tooth, but I AM NOT, NO WAY, going to swallow this one!" Sure enough it is very loose and he may possible lose it this weekend. Oh the joys of losing the first tooth!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

My Story - My Rescuer!

Someone suggested I write my story online. I have journals, many journals that I have written for my children about my testimony and my story of infertility. I have had the opportunity to speak to several churches and women's groups about various parts of my testimony throughout the past 18 years. If my story can bless and minister to anyone I pray that it does.

I love Beth Moore. I am presently doing her Daniel Study and it is amazing. One thing she said in her study was that we can share things without having to give all the gory details and it will, more effectively, give Glory to God. People can actually see the goodness of God when they don't have to sift through all of the horror. That is how I want to share my story - without the details of all of the "horror". I am thankful for my testimony. I am thankful for my Rescuer. I am still in awe of His amazing grace.

So, with that in mind I wrote a poem giving Glory to the Lord for rescuing this little girl whose life was anything but easy. Inside the words of this poem is the story of a little girl who in many ways was alone, abused and abandoned, frightened and downcast. But then God rescued me, placed me in the palm of His hand as a 7 year old child and never ever let me go!

He Rescued Me
By Lisa Engel

As a little girl life was anything but a breeze.
With my very first breath man became bitter with me.
A murderous intruder, a mistake a tragedy,
But He took one look, saw His child and rescued me.

With great capacity to love came a greater need to receive the same.
Though love can come in many ways, never should it bring fear or shame.
Man may try to twist it and turn it and never give it freely
But he opened up His arms, ready to give and to receive and rescued me.

What He did upon that tree
Showed me love unconditionally.
He died that I might live
And live abundantly.
He came into this world,
His sole purpose to rescue me.

I have lived and loved so deeply, but not without great cost,
For many whom I’ve poured out my love are the same that I have lost.
Many times I wanted to run and hide and never again to breathe,
But, He breathed in me the breath of life and rescued me.

Never leaving me lonely,
Yet truly setting me free!
In Him I move and live and breathe,
Because He rescued me.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I Love A Rainy Day

Oh boy do I ever. I never used to appreciate rain as much as I do living here in Florida. It is a wonderful relief! For the past two days we have had afternoon storms and it is a welcome respite! About 15 minutes ago, I was in my backyard playing good guys and bad guys with my boys using every water squirter available - it was a blast. We were soaking wet and loving it - because it was sooooo hot out! Then, all of a sudden (and I do mean sudden) dark clouds rolled in with the thunder and then the lightening! Down pour!!! Six small feet and two big ones go running through the yard to clean it up and zoom into the house we go! lawn is thrilled I'm sure.

Inside we have no worries, rest time is part of the PLAN!!! My boys would say "Oh Mom, not the PLAN!!" Check it out! My Kyle, who is on the autism spectrum - LOVES the plan! He craves knowing what is next! Actually they all enjoy the PLAN - they just like giving me a hard time.

Here is an example of our chore charts! At the end of the week there is a special treasure awaiting them!

Our calendar time includes a little schooling. This is mainly to help keep up the routine of writing and we use this time to talk to Kyle about school - this way it will not be a foreign concept come fall! We are including sign language as part of our curriculum this fall, but I figured I would start this summer. I teach a Sign Language for Worship class for our Homeschool Enrichment Classes, but I really do not want my kids taking my class if possible! They have me all year, there are many other wonderful classes by other former teachers/present homeschoolers! So, we have a wall of words we are signing this summer and the kids love it - they want to fill every bit of the wall by the end of the summer! They actually did sign when they were babies, but once the words started coming the signs started going! So, I love the rainy days - 'cause it makes more time for the PLAN!!!

Gifts Continued from earlier post.....(I'm thankful for...)

70. The rain on very thirsty land.

71. The clouds that bring shelter.

72. The ability to be a little girl at 39!

73. The Great Physician!

74. Faith that moves mountains!

75. Dirty little feet from jumping in the mud!

76. The PLAN!

77. His Plan - He has one for me (and you) and its a good one! Jeremiah 29:11

78. Husband's new job with the newspaper!

79. Rest time!!

80. Dinners that can be doubled and frozen for next week! WooHoo!

Leaving a Legacy!

Here is my big 5 year old! Yesterday was his birthday and now we are DONE! No more birthdays (because of course Mom and Dad don't get any older anymore) for another 365 days!

It is our family tradition to give a book on birthdays. Every year my boys get a very special book that reflects where they are right now - something specific about each one -- and on the inside cover I write a letter to them. The letter is usually a snapshot of the past year, why we are so proud of them and a prayer for the next year to come. These books someday will be a journal to each one - something they can have forever here on earth. They look forward to it every year. Here is Shane opening his.....
Here are my superheros. Proud of each one! These books are amazing if you haven't read them! I read them all to the boys yesterday and well, I cried a flood let me tell you! They get a kick out of Mommy when she cries for no "apparent" reason!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Dads, Bugs & Dads Who Catch Bugs!

I know 2 posts in one day! I couldn't very well go to bed without acknowledging Father's Day! I should have named this Dads, Bugs and Dads who Kill bugs, because my husband rocks at killing bugs too! He is my ultimate hero. I have to say, thankfully, that we don't get too many bugs in the house - amazing (I always say with three little kids, I just keep my bugs well fed that is why we don't see them)! However, there have been those occasions when a bug or a lizard mistakenly found their way into my home and my husband (and sometimes Pop) have come to my rescue. Thank you guys! Today was Father's day and it kind of saddens me every time that there is always such a great big deal for Mother's Day and not so much on Father's Day. We laughed today because Mother's Day is all about pampering the Mom, giving her some much needed escape and Father's Day is all about spending it with his children. So even though Kyle is receiving a trophy from Dad, we could have been giving the trophy to Dad because after all (as his new t-shirt says) He is the World's Greatest Dad! Ok - back to the bugs. The boys are into collecting critters. They have used up enough of my Tupperware and Gladware - so Pop got them these very cool habitats! (Yet oddly enough I still found a baby lizard in a peanut butter jar today - I do hope it had holes in it!)
Here is Brendan searching for anything that crawls!
Here is the expert that was called in to aid in the capture of the crawling critters!
These are just my cool dudes with their swim goggles! Yea - Red Power Ranger and Batman -- Spiderman wasn't ready for the picture when I took it!
Happy with his lizard in his habitat Shane hangs out on the swing set!

Kyle is the resident critter caregiver! He loves bugs and lizards. He actually told me that he really wants to be an animal rescue person when he grows up! Kyle is convinced that all the bugs and lizards and moths in Edgewater know and love him because he captures them, treats them very well and always, ALWAYS, sets them free to go home to their families at night! Whew!

Finally, my men doing what they do best ---- getting dirty!

1000 Gifts Continued from previous posts:

60. My husband who loves his family like crazy!

61. My drama KINGS - my superheros - my birthday boys!

62. Opportunities to bless the one's I love!

63. Friends who are just around the corner and one's who live a plane ride away!

64. Barefoot boys in the backyard.

65. My children's friends who love them and accept them.

66. Friends who love to hang out when everyone else goes home. :) Slumber party anyone?

67. A husband who cooks even on Father's Day! Ohhhh I love him.

68. My earthly Father who loved me and wasn't afraid to show it - all the time!

69. My Heavenly Father who loved me first, before I was even born, and who continues - all the time!

70. For Pop, my husband's grandfather, who at 90 years old still shares laughter with my children! How many children get to share everyday of their lives with their Great Great Grandfather. What a gift!

Two Down & One To Go

Yawn......I am so tired. Yes...Two parties down, one to go! We celebrated the 7th birthday of Kyle & Brendan on June 12th and it was wonderful and intimate - just the six of us (includes Pop) and Meme came over too. As you can see this is my Birthday Brownie Dessert and we lit 15 candles (you do the math - Oh Shane has to blow out a candle too).
Here are my little goof ball guys!
Here they are celebrating on the trampoline - with the water spraying under them. What dangerous fun!
Here is Saturday's Big Birthday party! This cake was awesome (thank you Publix) Three Power Rangers -- I won the award for cool Mom on Saturday!
With 35 of our closest friends and family.........I love this picture with the puffed cheeks!
Much fun was had by and parents! We were wet and on a sugar rush....what more could you want!
So, now we have one more to go.....Shane's 5th birthday....stay tuned for the Birthday Brownie Dessert and Shane's special day!
Thanks to all of our friends and loved one's who made this day so special! XXX OOO!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Ooooooh.....controversial title huh? Hmmmmmm? Actually, it hit me today while we celebrated my twins birthday (and I went out and purchased a Father's Day card for my husband) that I am very grateful for clear instruction in the Bible! Let me quote this time and not paraphrase: Ephesians 5:22-23 "Wives, submit to your husbands as to the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, his body; of which He is the Savior." I encourage you to look in your Bible at the rest through verse 27. I am not going to preach a sermon here, I am simply going to give my own example and why today I feel blessed to have a husband, equally yoked, one who desires God's best for his family, and one who is the spiritual leader in my home.

I'm not sure why it is that we as wives feel we must assist the Holy Spirit sometimes. I admit, I do play that role in this marriage on occasion and my husband is kind enough to say so very lovingly, like when we are praying and he says "...and thank you Lord that you called Lisa to play the role of the Holy Spirit in my life....::wink::wink::". I think it is because we as women are multi-taskers and we think through with such great detail all aspects of every circumstance in our lives! Hello, can I get a witness here?

The truth is, I am so glad that I have the umbrella of my husband in my life. He is here to protect me, to help me and to cover me. He knows sometimes, what is best, even when I don't see it! Fortunately, I learned that early in my marriage. I was reminded today that 4 months into my pregnancy with my twins I had a terrible experience with my obstetrician. The man had me in fear and in tears. Friends had their opinions, and possible solutions, but I was confused and emotional. I didn't want to be with this doctor, but at the same time I was terrified to find another doctor at this stage in my pregnancy. I had already lost 14 babies, had almost lost this one too and I had very high risk pregnancy! I finally decided after praying and crying that I would submit to the decision of my husband. Whatever he decided I would do. The decision was too difficult for me! After I relinquished that control to the spiritual leader in my home, I felt immediate peace! My twins are here today because of all the details the Lord played out in our lives at that time.

There was one other decision that I relinquished control of to my husband and honestly, I'm not sure that it was the absolute right decision, but I have no doubt that I was to submit to it and it still gave me much peace knowing I was under his umbrella. Everything didn't turn out exactly the way I would have planned, in fact some relationships have never been the same because of this decision, but my marriage is in tact (18 years of marriage mind you) and my husband made the decision he prayed about and fasted about and felt right about. Today, I still must say that I am thankful for that peace that comes in knowing that the Lord gave me a Godly husband in whom I can trust with my life!

As a side note here, you could ask my husband (whom I've been bugging to blog) and he would tell you that we make most every decision together, prayerfully and thoughtfully, and together! He respects me as much as I respect him and that is why this works. He respects that I hear from God too and so we talk things through almost every single time. It is in those rare and challenging times for me, that I sometimes (not all the time) just feel like my peace would come when I submit and release control to him! God directs and I follow! Same with Mike!

So in light of Father's Day coming up and my boys' birthday mingled in there too, I am grateful for the gift of a Godly husband and clear instruction in the Word of God.

1000 Gifts continued......(from previous post) I am grateful for....

51. Clear instructions in the Word of God

52. A Godly husband and my very best friend!

53. The freedom in submitting! ahhhh....

54. Seven years filled with hugs and kisses from boys I never thought I would ever hold! Thank you Jesus for the miracles named Kyle, Brendan and Shane! (getting choked up now)

55. Dr. Aldo Khoury and his amazing staff (Sharon you are still a blessing to me) ;)

56. The journey of infertility that caused me to grow so close to Jesus that I could hear the beat of the Father's heart! (I wouldn't change it for the world)

57. The testimony of God's amazing grace that He so graciously lavishes upon us!

58. That we are never left alone to flounder, that He is Emmanuel - and that never changes!!

59. That I am still His daughter (I forget that sometimes when I'm so busy being a wife and Mommy!) and He feels towards me what I feel towards my own children - even more! (tears flowing now....)

60. For my earthly Father who loved me very much and because of his unconditional love my leap to Father God was as natural as breathing! (ok totally getting wet now - I miss my Daddy)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Birthday, Birthday, Birthday

We just celebrated Graduation, Graduation, Graduation and now we are looking at Birthday, Birthday, Birthday. Yes, all of my boys were born the same week. Kyle and Brendan will be 7 on June 12th and Shane will be 5 on June 16th. So we are looking at a very special weekend for them. It is a huge undertaking, but it is literally only once a year and birthday's are done. The challenge is not enough space for ALL of their friends -- don't worry we are still having 20 of their closest. Now a new challenge is they are really liking different things. If I let them pick a theme this year (like what the cake will look like) I would have three very different wishes. Ummmmm...then how does a Mom make it as special as she possible can for each child? Hmmmm? I'll get back to ya on that when I've got it figured out!

So pray for this Mom this week, its always a bit emotional for me (in a good way), but now I've got myself this nasty upper respiratory ridiculousness going on! UGH! It's hard to plan and get excited when all you want to do is drink tea and stay in bed! Ce La Vi! Here is a little journey of my kids then and now, enjoy:

Twins in a tub!

Favorite past time then and now!Brotherly love?
My sweet baby A - Kyle

My beautiful baby B - Brendan

My surprise - Shane "Gracious Gift from God"

My Three Sons (Superheros)

1000 Gifts continued from previous post:

41. Hot tea on a sore throat! ahhhh!

42. The sound of silence.

43. A husband who loves spending his time with his wife and sons!

44. The time to study!

45. Technology - allowing us to talk when we don't have a voice!

46. Quality game time with my boys!

47. Popcorn, it makes every movie feel special (even if we've seen Jonah 4 million times)

48. My cat Mickey, who spots every lizard and bug before I do!

49. Candlelight - the ambience it provides with both fragrance and beauty!

50. Memories!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Christmas All Year 'Round!

Silent night, Holy night, All is calm, all is bright..... You know Dasher and Dancer, Prancer and.....Dashing through the snow on a one-horse open sleigh....Away in a manger no crib for a bed....Joy to the world...

Those are the bedtime songs that I sang last night. This is getting just a bit ridiculous. Add to that list, The Power of His Presence, Open the Eyes of My Heart, Jesus loves me, Jesus loves the little children, I Love You Lord. I think we were singing for an hour.

After I had led my three superheros in worship for about an hour, Brendan requested that Shane sing a Man of God song. I said (because I don't ever want to squelch the movement of the Holy Spirit in my children - and because it is summer break after all)"okay, one song Shane and it can't be a rock song, it has to be a soft worshipful song". Here is what was sung and I wrote it down very quickly:

By Shane Engel:
Oh Jesus, Man of God,
I Love you! Thank you for being in my heart!
Thank you for bringing joy to the world!
Oh Jesus, Man of God,
I Love you so much Jesus, you are holy!
Save us from the bad guys Jesus, Man of God!
Oh Jesus I love you!

Of course then you must know that Kyle (Monkey see, monkey do!) had to sing one too.

By Kyle Engel:
Thank you Jesus for living in my heart!
I happy I have you in my heart!
I know you really love Kyle,
Because your in my heart! (He kept sing that over and over)

Brendan said he didn't know how to sing really good like Shane (Shane really has a gift for music). So I reminded him that praise does not have to be done by singing! OH NO! We can praise Jesus many ways. We praise Him when we pray, when we give thanks, when we dance before Him, when we live our lives pleasing to Him. There are many ways. So Brendan proceeded to praise Jesus by praying a prayer of thanksgiving:

By Brendan Engel:
Thank you Jesus for this night, for the angels all around us, for letting us have so much fun today, for Daddy getting a job that fits him. Thank you for Mommy who sings to us at night, that you for not letting me get hurt or taken away when I jumped the fence, thank you for summer time.

Oh, treasured times! I love singing to my children and I love that now not only to they sing the songs with me, they are writing their own. WOW! I couldn't be more blessed right now. These are moments that we need as Moms that give us glimmers of hope for all the work we put in to raising our children in the Lord! We may still have to remind our kids to say please and thank you or to not stand on the furniture, but when it really boils down to it, do they have a heart after Jesus. In the quiet of the evening, when no one is playing, where are their thoughts? Are they on how much they are loved by a God who gave them life abundant? A Savior who dwells in their heart and is working on them daily!? Do they rest securely know they are surrounded by a host of angels put in charge over them!?

1000 Gifts Continued from previous post:

31. The song He puts in our hearts!

32. Ice cream cones - they are awesome!

33. A God who is so big yet so personal!

34. The joy of Christmas!

35. Having one car that is in good shape!

36. That when I am weak, HE is strong!

37. That we can praise Him many ways!

38. The summer schedule (open and relaxed)

39. The sun peeking up in the sky to greet me and my morning devotions.

40. His mercies that are new every morning!

Friday, June 6, 2008

God Provided a Ram

And so He did! He provided the ram for Abraham just at that moment when Abraham had his son Issac on the altar, ready to be sacrificed. Imagine the anguish. Imagine the suffering. Abraham trusted God and obeyed Him. Some trip up that mountain that must have been huh?

Well, my trip wasn't anything like that, but still we have been challenged to trust and obey. Ironically when I got saved at 7 years old I responded to an altar call after we sung the Hymn "Trust and Obey".

As you may or may not know, my husband has been unemployed for 6 months. He more than likely only had a few more weeks of unemployment left. He has been faithful to seek and post his resume for jobs since the week he was laid off. He has had a few interviews, some second interviews and really not much more than that. Being unemployed seems to be a growing epidemic here in the Edgewater, New Symrna Beach area.

We have been in prayer and we have been faithful to keep our vows to God about our finances. I am here to tell you today that He is faithful! He has been faithful the entire time. There is no way in the world, by the world's standards, we would have been able to survive financially these past 6 months on his little bit of unemployment. God has poured out His blessings, time and time again. I have said it before we have truly experienced the 5 loaves and 2 fish miracle. Jesus set out to speak to 5000 men and their families and told the disciples to go and gather some food for the masses. The disciples came back with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish. Not much food to feed 5 people let alone 5000. Jesus ask for simple obedience and He blessed the food and told his disciples to feed the 5000 plus people that where there. End of story, there were several baskets of bread and fish left over. He did a miracle that day and He has done a miracle (the same miracle) in my household these past few months.

Not only that, but then, in the final hour, my husband gets a phone call for a second interview with a local newspaper and he lands the job. In that final hour - God provided a Ram. Not only does he land the job, but it happens to meet every single detail that we have prayed. I'm talking, down to the dot! This is God!

I remember way back when my friend Tracy prayed for a house and she prayed very specifically, today she still lives in that house! The house that she and God designed! That is exactly what happened with this interview.

I love to pray specifically! God is all about the details! My prayer is now, Lord, help me to keep trusting and obeying no matter what. This circumstance may be resolved now, but there is another one tomorrow, that is guaranteed. I feel like my faith has been refined and I have been refined by the fire! Thank you Lord. Thank you for providing the ram, thank you for allowing me to walk through the fire and come out refined. Thank you for keeping me from bowing down to the idols of fear, doubt, unbelief, and discouragement. If it were not for your presence I would not have made it through unscathed.

1000 Gifts continued from previous post:

21. Answered prayer.

22. Provision from Jehovah Jireh.

23. Friends who believed with us and who are celebrating with us as well.

24. Longer days and shorter nights.

25. Hours and hours of pool time

26. Brendan's understanding to answered prayer "Mom, does Daddy's job fit him?" "Yes it really does Brendan", "WOW that is exactly what I prayed that God would give Dad a job that would fit him!!"

27. Simple faith, simple obedience.

28. Opportunities to play hide and seek (and not be found for 20 minutes - I'm good)

29. Bible study on Friday nights with the Bradley Family!

30. The smell of jasmine outside my bedroom window. Hmmmmm.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Graduation, Graduation, Graduation

My boys are growing up. Today we had our final graduation celebration for the 2007-2008 school year. Below is Kyle with Mrs. Marple - We LOVE Mrs. Marple. Kyle and she have a special bond, because he had "Marple" for 2 years in a row! She actually requested that Kyle and she be together again for his second time in Kindergarten. That meant so much to all of us! Thank you Mrs. Marple. Kyle calls her Marple - when asked why he doesn't call her Mrs. Marple he says - "Awwe no she is just Marple to me!!" - it's cuz they're buds!

Kyle makes faces all the time so Mrs. Marple wanted to do the same with him. She is going to miss her "friend" Kyle. By the way, Kyle got an award for Excellence in Math, and he got the award for Courtesy! That is my Kyle, always saying "Excuse me, can I have...." and he always remembers his "please and thank you" always!! Kyle will be going into 1st grade next year.
This is my Brendan! His first year of homeschooling. He has succeeded and progressed into the 2nd grade. Here he is with the president of our Homeschool Association F.A.I.T.H.
Here he is with his friends who he was with almost every Wednesday taking enrichment classes with them! Some of those boys will be in Cub Scouts next year.
Then here is my Shane. OK, so I cried a lot with this one. First of all we absolutely love Ms. Jeannie! She was Brendan's pre-K teacher too. Shane had a wonderful year at Meadowwood Preschool. We are so proud of him, he grew so much this past year. Shane will be going into Kindergarten next year and he will be homeschooled with Brendan.
1000 Gifts Continued from an earlier post.....

11. The power of prayer.

12. The Word of God which sustains me at all times.

13. Friends who love my children as their own.

14. The amazingly beautiful Florida ocean.

15. The smell of fresh cut lawn.

16. The ability to cry and laugh (sometimes at the same time) - the fact that the Lord created me to be an emotional being.

17. My Kyle who touches lives deeply without even knowing it!

18. Shane's dimples and eyelashes that you can spot anywhere!

19. Brendan's sensitive spirit and heart after God!

20. Flowers that can withstand the Florida sun.