Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Birthday, Birthday, Birthday

We just celebrated Graduation, Graduation, Graduation and now we are looking at Birthday, Birthday, Birthday. Yes, all of my boys were born the same week. Kyle and Brendan will be 7 on June 12th and Shane will be 5 on June 16th. So we are looking at a very special weekend for them. It is a huge undertaking, but it is literally only once a year and birthday's are done. The challenge is not enough space for ALL of their friends -- don't worry we are still having 20 of their closest. Now a new challenge is they are really liking different things. If I let them pick a theme this year (like what the cake will look like) I would have three very different wishes. Ummmmm...then how does a Mom make it as special as she possible can for each child? Hmmmm? I'll get back to ya on that when I've got it figured out!

So pray for this Mom this week, its always a bit emotional for me (in a good way), but now I've got myself this nasty upper respiratory ridiculousness going on! UGH! It's hard to plan and get excited when all you want to do is drink tea and stay in bed! Ce La Vi! Here is a little journey of my kids then and now, enjoy:

Twins in a tub!

Favorite past time then and now!Brotherly love?
My sweet baby A - Kyle

My beautiful baby B - Brendan

My surprise - Shane "Gracious Gift from God"

My Three Sons (Superheros)

1000 Gifts continued from previous post:

41. Hot tea on a sore throat! ahhhh!

42. The sound of silence.

43. A husband who loves spending his time with his wife and sons!

44. The time to study!

45. Technology - allowing us to talk when we don't have a voice!

46. Quality game time with my boys!

47. Popcorn, it makes every movie feel special (even if we've seen Jonah 4 million times)

48. My cat Mickey, who spots every lizard and bug before I do!

49. Candlelight - the ambience it provides with both fragrance and beauty!

50. Memories!

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Amanda said...

Loved it, wish I were there back then, sad, happy tears, blessed beyone words. God is so Good!