Friday, February 26, 2010

How Wide, How Long, How High and How Deep?

My Beloved Lisa!

Your mind has been at unrest, your body weary, your soul so thirsty. Your thoughts bring you to a place of resignation that this is what is suppose to take place. Naturally, you think this is the natural course of human life. Oh but it is not my dear one, no! You are constantly aware of limitations, yours and others, but I do not have limitations. My love for you has no boundaries, no limits. OH how I have longed for you to call on me. I have been waiting right next to you to reach out to me and to call my name. My embrace is like no other. It is I you long for so desperately. My arm is not too short my love, I have been longing to wrap you in my arms of love and to release you from the cares and burdens of this world. I have whispered tenderly a few times, did you hear Me? I said "Love, come and rest your head on my lap, just for a moment and let Me give you Shalom - "Peace Peace"." Now you are beyond that place of just needing a moment with,me now, you need me to fill you, and that my sweet takes more than a moment. That takes your most precious commodity...time.

So, now, here you are. In my arms, resting. My heart elates with the thought that even though right now you see through a glass dimly, I know that you will some day see me Face-to-Face! I can barely contain my joy! Can you feel my presence? Can you see how I am romancing you even now? A few days ago, I woke you up to see the sunrise. The other day, did you see that look in your son's eyes when you looked at him with love? How about just yesterday when I orchestrated the conversation with a sweet friend so that you can have your mind in order. Or the beautiful crisp mornings and the flowers in the midst of brown grass. You noticed didn't you? OH HOW I LOVE YOU!!! My love completely fills you! How wide, how long, how high and how deep you ask? Oh as you rest here you can get a glimpse of how extravagant the dimensions of my love are for you. Go ahead and dream my sweet. Reach out and experience the breadth, test its length, plumb the depths, rise to the heights! Come away with Me my love!

The Lover of your soul

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Cute Things Kids Say

This is the conversation that my boys and I had in the car this week:

Shane: Mom, I am going to get you a blue teapot for your birthday! I wanted to get it for you for Christmas, but I just can't drive yet.

Kyle: I am going to get you jewelry...earrings and a necklace maybe...something gold.

Me: Well, I just love that you are thinking about me, but I really just love gifts from the heart, you know a nice picture, a precious note from you...homemade gifts --no need to spend a lot of money!

Kyle: Well, I know, I can make it cheap and just make you jewelry.

Brendan: I'm not going to tell you what I want to get, but it is $19.99 plus $12.00 shipping and handling and I'm pretty sure that Dad won't go for that!

My boys make me smile!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pushmi-Pullyu & Pizza!!

We are all about learning here in the Engel home!! I have been reading "The Story of Dr. Doolittle", by Hugh Lofting, to Kyle and Shane and they just learned about the Pushmi-Pullyu today. Hence the picture above. Of course, you all know that it is the now extinct, rare two headed-horned animal, which are in the same family as the Abyssinian gazelles and the Asiatic chamois and a decedent of the unicorns. ::wink--wink:: It is a really fun book, especially for animal lovers!

Well, as I mentioned, my children aren't the only one's learning. Mom is learning too! I recently took a cooking class at my church and I have been practicing what I've learned. (The kitchen really isn't my favorite place...I'd much prefer reading a book or playing a game on the floor)!! I have made three meal suggestions from my teacher, Pat Howard...her smothered pork chops, chicken in the crock pot and boys made their very own pizza!

Shane spread the sauce...

Brendan sprinkled the cheese....Kyle was appalled that there was cheese on pizza....hmmm...he thought when he said "PLAIN" he meant "NOTHING" on it!

Even my neighbor joined us in the fun. That would be Kyle blowing a kiss to the pizza, because it was going to take a miracle for him to eat pizza with cheese...what???

Seriously, doesn't that make your mouth water?! The whole family ate dinner! Yes even Kyle! He gave us the thumbs up! It was fun, CHEAP, and so yummy. I wouldn't personally know, because I must confess, I didn't eat this....way too many points for me! But it made me happy nonetheless, because I didn't hear this: "Umm..this is not my favorite" or "You are kidding me about having to eat that right?" or my personal favorite..."OH, if I have to try that I must have the bucket in case I get sick!" Yes, even Pop and Mike liked it! Next time the only thing I might change is...I'll have to have my children make 2! Not bad for under $3.00 huh?