Sunday, June 15, 2008

Two Down & One To Go

Yawn......I am so tired. Yes...Two parties down, one to go! We celebrated the 7th birthday of Kyle & Brendan on June 12th and it was wonderful and intimate - just the six of us (includes Pop) and Meme came over too. As you can see this is my Birthday Brownie Dessert and we lit 15 candles (you do the math - Oh Shane has to blow out a candle too).
Here are my little goof ball guys!
Here they are celebrating on the trampoline - with the water spraying under them. What dangerous fun!
Here is Saturday's Big Birthday party! This cake was awesome (thank you Publix) Three Power Rangers -- I won the award for cool Mom on Saturday!
With 35 of our closest friends and family.........I love this picture with the puffed cheeks!
Much fun was had by and parents! We were wet and on a sugar rush....what more could you want!
So, now we have one more to go.....Shane's 5th birthday....stay tuned for the Birthday Brownie Dessert and Shane's special day!
Thanks to all of our friends and loved one's who made this day so special! XXX OOO!!!

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