Sunday, June 15, 2008

Dads, Bugs & Dads Who Catch Bugs!

I know 2 posts in one day! I couldn't very well go to bed without acknowledging Father's Day! I should have named this Dads, Bugs and Dads who Kill bugs, because my husband rocks at killing bugs too! He is my ultimate hero. I have to say, thankfully, that we don't get too many bugs in the house - amazing (I always say with three little kids, I just keep my bugs well fed that is why we don't see them)! However, there have been those occasions when a bug or a lizard mistakenly found their way into my home and my husband (and sometimes Pop) have come to my rescue. Thank you guys! Today was Father's day and it kind of saddens me every time that there is always such a great big deal for Mother's Day and not so much on Father's Day. We laughed today because Mother's Day is all about pampering the Mom, giving her some much needed escape and Father's Day is all about spending it with his children. So even though Kyle is receiving a trophy from Dad, we could have been giving the trophy to Dad because after all (as his new t-shirt says) He is the World's Greatest Dad! Ok - back to the bugs. The boys are into collecting critters. They have used up enough of my Tupperware and Gladware - so Pop got them these very cool habitats! (Yet oddly enough I still found a baby lizard in a peanut butter jar today - I do hope it had holes in it!)
Here is Brendan searching for anything that crawls!
Here is the expert that was called in to aid in the capture of the crawling critters!
These are just my cool dudes with their swim goggles! Yea - Red Power Ranger and Batman -- Spiderman wasn't ready for the picture when I took it!
Happy with his lizard in his habitat Shane hangs out on the swing set!

Kyle is the resident critter caregiver! He loves bugs and lizards. He actually told me that he really wants to be an animal rescue person when he grows up! Kyle is convinced that all the bugs and lizards and moths in Edgewater know and love him because he captures them, treats them very well and always, ALWAYS, sets them free to go home to their families at night! Whew!

Finally, my men doing what they do best ---- getting dirty!

1000 Gifts Continued from previous posts:

60. My husband who loves his family like crazy!

61. My drama KINGS - my superheros - my birthday boys!

62. Opportunities to bless the one's I love!

63. Friends who are just around the corner and one's who live a plane ride away!

64. Barefoot boys in the backyard.

65. My children's friends who love them and accept them.

66. Friends who love to hang out when everyone else goes home. :) Slumber party anyone?

67. A husband who cooks even on Father's Day! Ohhhh I love him.

68. My earthly Father who loved me and wasn't afraid to show it - all the time!

69. My Heavenly Father who loved me first, before I was even born, and who continues - all the time!

70. For Pop, my husband's grandfather, who at 90 years old still shares laughter with my children! How many children get to share everyday of their lives with their Great Great Grandfather. What a gift!

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