Thursday, June 19, 2008

My Story - My Rescuer!

Someone suggested I write my story online. I have journals, many journals that I have written for my children about my testimony and my story of infertility. I have had the opportunity to speak to several churches and women's groups about various parts of my testimony throughout the past 18 years. If my story can bless and minister to anyone I pray that it does.

I love Beth Moore. I am presently doing her Daniel Study and it is amazing. One thing she said in her study was that we can share things without having to give all the gory details and it will, more effectively, give Glory to God. People can actually see the goodness of God when they don't have to sift through all of the horror. That is how I want to share my story - without the details of all of the "horror". I am thankful for my testimony. I am thankful for my Rescuer. I am still in awe of His amazing grace.

So, with that in mind I wrote a poem giving Glory to the Lord for rescuing this little girl whose life was anything but easy. Inside the words of this poem is the story of a little girl who in many ways was alone, abused and abandoned, frightened and downcast. But then God rescued me, placed me in the palm of His hand as a 7 year old child and never ever let me go!

He Rescued Me
By Lisa Engel

As a little girl life was anything but a breeze.
With my very first breath man became bitter with me.
A murderous intruder, a mistake a tragedy,
But He took one look, saw His child and rescued me.

With great capacity to love came a greater need to receive the same.
Though love can come in many ways, never should it bring fear or shame.
Man may try to twist it and turn it and never give it freely
But he opened up His arms, ready to give and to receive and rescued me.

What He did upon that tree
Showed me love unconditionally.
He died that I might live
And live abundantly.
He came into this world,
His sole purpose to rescue me.

I have lived and loved so deeply, but not without great cost,
For many whom I’ve poured out my love are the same that I have lost.
Many times I wanted to run and hide and never again to breathe,
But, He breathed in me the breath of life and rescued me.

Never leaving me lonely,
Yet truly setting me free!
In Him I move and live and breathe,
Because He rescued me.

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Randall said...

I love your poem. Very powerful. Thank you for putting that out there to share. It shows your love for God and your devotion to putting Him first. What a joy that is.

BTW, I also love Beth Moore, I have done several of her studies and can't wait to do another one.