Thursday, June 12, 2008


Ooooooh.....controversial title huh? Hmmmmmm? Actually, it hit me today while we celebrated my twins birthday (and I went out and purchased a Father's Day card for my husband) that I am very grateful for clear instruction in the Bible! Let me quote this time and not paraphrase: Ephesians 5:22-23 "Wives, submit to your husbands as to the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, his body; of which He is the Savior." I encourage you to look in your Bible at the rest through verse 27. I am not going to preach a sermon here, I am simply going to give my own example and why today I feel blessed to have a husband, equally yoked, one who desires God's best for his family, and one who is the spiritual leader in my home.

I'm not sure why it is that we as wives feel we must assist the Holy Spirit sometimes. I admit, I do play that role in this marriage on occasion and my husband is kind enough to say so very lovingly, like when we are praying and he says "...and thank you Lord that you called Lisa to play the role of the Holy Spirit in my life....::wink::wink::". I think it is because we as women are multi-taskers and we think through with such great detail all aspects of every circumstance in our lives! Hello, can I get a witness here?

The truth is, I am so glad that I have the umbrella of my husband in my life. He is here to protect me, to help me and to cover me. He knows sometimes, what is best, even when I don't see it! Fortunately, I learned that early in my marriage. I was reminded today that 4 months into my pregnancy with my twins I had a terrible experience with my obstetrician. The man had me in fear and in tears. Friends had their opinions, and possible solutions, but I was confused and emotional. I didn't want to be with this doctor, but at the same time I was terrified to find another doctor at this stage in my pregnancy. I had already lost 14 babies, had almost lost this one too and I had very high risk pregnancy! I finally decided after praying and crying that I would submit to the decision of my husband. Whatever he decided I would do. The decision was too difficult for me! After I relinquished that control to the spiritual leader in my home, I felt immediate peace! My twins are here today because of all the details the Lord played out in our lives at that time.

There was one other decision that I relinquished control of to my husband and honestly, I'm not sure that it was the absolute right decision, but I have no doubt that I was to submit to it and it still gave me much peace knowing I was under his umbrella. Everything didn't turn out exactly the way I would have planned, in fact some relationships have never been the same because of this decision, but my marriage is in tact (18 years of marriage mind you) and my husband made the decision he prayed about and fasted about and felt right about. Today, I still must say that I am thankful for that peace that comes in knowing that the Lord gave me a Godly husband in whom I can trust with my life!

As a side note here, you could ask my husband (whom I've been bugging to blog) and he would tell you that we make most every decision together, prayerfully and thoughtfully, and together! He respects me as much as I respect him and that is why this works. He respects that I hear from God too and so we talk things through almost every single time. It is in those rare and challenging times for me, that I sometimes (not all the time) just feel like my peace would come when I submit and release control to him! God directs and I follow! Same with Mike!

So in light of Father's Day coming up and my boys' birthday mingled in there too, I am grateful for the gift of a Godly husband and clear instruction in the Word of God.

1000 Gifts continued......(from previous post) I am grateful for....

51. Clear instructions in the Word of God

52. A Godly husband and my very best friend!

53. The freedom in submitting! ahhhh....

54. Seven years filled with hugs and kisses from boys I never thought I would ever hold! Thank you Jesus for the miracles named Kyle, Brendan and Shane! (getting choked up now)

55. Dr. Aldo Khoury and his amazing staff (Sharon you are still a blessing to me) ;)

56. The journey of infertility that caused me to grow so close to Jesus that I could hear the beat of the Father's heart! (I wouldn't change it for the world)

57. The testimony of God's amazing grace that He so graciously lavishes upon us!

58. That we are never left alone to flounder, that He is Emmanuel - and that never changes!!

59. That I am still His daughter (I forget that sometimes when I'm so busy being a wife and Mommy!) and He feels towards me what I feel towards my own children - even more! (tears flowing now....)

60. For my earthly Father who loved me very much and because of his unconditional love my leap to Father God was as natural as breathing! (ok totally getting wet now - I miss my Daddy)


Barclay 5 said...

How I love clear instructions. Thanks, Lisa, for a timely word for me. You are a trusted friend, and I am so thankful for you!
Tracy XO

Amanda said...

Can your blog come with a box of kleenx.. Happy fathers day, Love you both. We would love him to start a blog....

Julie said...

A beautiful tribute to your husband.