Sunday, June 29, 2008

Once Upon a Time....

Another bedtime ritual. About a year ago, in response to "Tell us a story Mommy!" I made up a story about a royal family. The story included all the things that boys love: intrigue, suspense, action with some solid Biblical messages thrown in. The story started out so that they would learn a little lesson in the end. They really enjoyed the first story so the next night I had to come up with another using the same family. It turned into about 12 different stories, each starting and ending in a very similar way, but the adventure was new every time the story was told. My children and husband thought I should start writing them out, so I started awhile back ago, last night ironically enough, Kyle requested another story "You know Mom the three princes, this time I want a brown horse". I haven't really told one in about a year.Come and join us as we share the story that starts the saga. (disclaimer: I am not a writer, I'm just a Mom trying to please three young boys)

Once upon a time.... a land far far away, there lived a royal family. They were a happy family who ruled over the kingdom of Watersedge. Watersedge was a prosperous and happy land. The people who lived in this kingdom felt safe and joy filled their land. The king and queen were largely responsible for this, for they took great care in running a kingdom with Godly principles. They did their best to live by the Word of God and submit to the will of the Lord.

Several years prior to this day, King Michael and Queen Lisa had given birth to 3 sons, Prince Kyle, Prince Brendan and Prince Shane. They were the pride and joy of all who lived in the kingdom. The people of Watersedge loved the princes and it was not uncommon for people to walk by the castle and see the Queen with her boys in the courtyard playing. Even in the midst of the chaos of a busy kingdom, common or royal, each one looked after the other! It was a glorious time to be alive.

On one beautiful spring day, the Queen was out picking berries with her sons, when they noticed that one bush had been singed. It was the spring sun, not too hot, but yet the bush looked as if it had caught a flame. When the Queen knelt beside the bush she suddenly disappeared. Left all alone, the three boys who were but toddlers, cried out for their father. For the first time really, fear had hit the hearts of the young princes and they sat together and cried. The king grew concerned when his wife had not returned so he sent his men to find her, but instead they returned with his three boys. Shaking and crying they ran to their father who embraced them and lavished his love upon them. When the boys felt secure again, the King tried to ask them what had happened. "Mother was picking berries and then she was gone - right through the bush - and we were left all by ourselves" said Prince Brendan. "We were so scared Father". "Now, now my boys" said the King, "your mother will be alright, we will find her, in the meantime you must remember not to be afraid, for the Lord is always right beside you! You are never alone my sons!" As he held his trembling boys, the king just gave one look at his men and off they went to investigate the disappearance of the Queen. His big hands and the touch of his lips atop their heads brought great comfort to these toddlers. It was the practice of the King and Queen to quote scripture to their boys so that someday they would have Word hidden in their hearts and be able to use it when needed to defeat the enemy of their souls.

It was finally determined that the Queen was kidnapped by the fiery dragon. The kingdom had not seen this beast in years. His lair could not be found and legend had told that even if you found his lair, if you even approached its edge you would be burned to ash. The kingdom seemed cloudy all the time now. Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months and months turned into years. Many years have passed and the King had all but given up hope by now. His sons were fully grown and indeed they were three strong and handsome young princes, but the kingdom of Watersedge was not what it had been.....once upon a time. (stay tuned for the continued story)

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