Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Ahhhh.....As I stretch!

That is the sound I just made about 3 seconds ago! At 2:30pm, my best friend came by and picked up all of my children. Unplanned, unannounced and totally unexpected she drove up and whisked my children away! By 2:35pm I was under my covers on my way to dream land! I just woke up - literally a minute ago - 4:50pm. (I type fast!)

WOW! This like NEVER HAPPENS! (Well, very rarely does this happen - except with much planning and/or followed-up with a babysitting $5 per hour tip)! But the nap thing......well that just never happens! Can I just say, it feels wonderful! When I put my kids to bed I pray "that they wake up and feel refreshed and renewed" and Mike and I always pray the same thing for each other, but I really never feel refreshed and renewed. This is what I think that feels like! WOW!

Ok, I have to pick up my boys now! But I'm ready for the chaos, I'm prepared for the dinner battle, I'm excited and feel like I can leap tall buildings, go faster than a speeding bullet.....wait, that is so not me, that is my boys, but I'm ready for my superheros!

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Momma-of-5 said...

Can I covet your neighbor? and your nap?