Friday, June 20, 2008

"Will Elmo Go To Heaven?"

The words of my sweet son as he went to sleep tonight. My deeply introspective little man - prayed that Mommy and Daddy would live to be 100 million 72 years old tonight. Yikes! He cried as he thought about us going to Heaven someday because once we are in Heaven we would not come back. Ever since his Pa died a few years ago, he has asked such deep questions about Heaven.

The tears ran down his precious little face as he said to me "But Mommy, will Elmo go up in Heaven too? My Elmo knows about Jesus, but I don't think he has a heart, not a real one. Can I just bring him to Heaven?" As the tears ran down my face I responded with "Well babe, you sure can talk to Jesus about that!" So he did. "Dear Jesus, please can I bring Elmo to heaven with me and all my dogs and my bear too? Please Jesus, so that I won't grow up, I want to be a kid forever so I don't have to leave my Mom and Dad. Please let my Mommy and Daddy live to be 100 million 72 years old. Amen."

My sweet Shane. My precious gift from God, his heart is so tender. I remember having this same conversation with another deep 4 year old about 11 years ago as he went to sleep on the couch in my apartment. He didn't want to grow up either. Incidentally, we watched him on TV tonight (all grown up at age 15), along with his brothers on their Disney Movie debut! Congrats boys!

Sleep well my sweet Shane and Elmo too!


Barclay 5 said...

I just love tender little boys! The picture is precious.
Love to you!

Monica Kaye said...

My mom always told me when I was little I would have everything I needed to be perfectly happy in heaven and so when I was five I thought that was my baby doll and when I was 15 I thought it was my boyfriend and now I know He is more than enough! :) What a sweet picture.