Friday, June 20, 2008

We Interrupt This Program..... bring you this breaking news! Wait - Stop the presses!!! (a little newspaper humor for my husband) Brand new 5 year old lost his first tooth today! Sadly the tooth got lost amongst the yumminess of the homemade chocolate chip cookie and was swallowed by the boy! Oh my goodness. There was heartfelt weeping (no gnashing of teeth though)! My poor boy - how he longed for this moment, to hold his own tooth in the palm of his hand and place it under his pillow. At first, there was no consoling! This was HIS big moment and he swallowed his tooth.
But alas! His brother informed him that it will come out again - in a few days and if you eat lots of fiber!! "Really Mommy?" was his reply! Yes it will, but this Mommy will not be going there!!
However, we had some major celebrating to do now that the tooth was out! We pulled out our couch from against the wall and snuggled in our special spot to read the Tooth Book as is our family tradition!! It was great fun and Shane finally began to laugh! When we all shared our smiles and Shane says "Hey look, I got another loose tooth, but I AM NOT, NO WAY, going to swallow this one!" Sure enough it is very loose and he may possible lose it this weekend. Oh the joys of losing the first tooth!

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