Friday, January 29, 2010

If I Could Have Three Wishes...

That is how we started breakfast today. Each one had to finish the sentence and explain what our three wishes were. It started off pretty much like one would imagine any typical 6-8 year old boy eating frosted cheerios would say:

Kyle: I wish I had a Darth Vader lego man..really Mom I wish! I wish my friend Logan would come over to play with me. I wish I could get some orange juice.

Shane: I wish I knew everything there is to know about school. I wish I knew everything about basketball. I wish I would be obedient at my homeschool today. (Awe...he was trying to bless me)!

Brendan: I wish my friend (so/and/so) was my brother, wouldn't it be great to have 4 brothers? (Mom says...ummmmm?...) I wish we could go on a vacation that was longer than a day. I wish I got to know my grandparents I never got to meet.

Shane interrupts and has now had more time to think....and says this:

"I wish there was no sin in the world. I wish that Jesus never even had to die on the cross because of sin. I wish when we pray I could see Him and He could see me and I can see His eyes smile like when you talk Mom! I wish!"

Me: I got my wish!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's A New Day

I am forever going to be learning. Actually, I do believe that we will indeed continue to learn even when we enter into our eternal life in Heaven. I just love that thought!

Homeschooling has been amazing! I didn't say easy, I said, amazing! I love having all three of my boys home with me. The memories we are making, the strides that those boys are making and the friendships that they share are indeed a treasure! You could never put a price tag on those things!

I started a new ministry called Bagels & Blessings. Yes, it is a new ministry at Edgewater Alliance Church, even though some reading my blog will know it was a ministry that was birthed originally at Wyckoff Assembly of God! I am grateful for the influences and mentors in my life that have walked alongside of me and directed my path in the way of Jesus.

Last month was the kick off for our first gathering...117 women signed up to come! It actually snowed in Florida that day and still 99 women showed up for this event! Praise God. I had an overwhelming response after B&B that I anticipate even more coming in February. God has been moving in my spirit and I finally feel like I am walking in the gifts that God has given me. I told my close friends that I felt like I have been pregnant for 6 years and last month I finally gave birth. (Now that feels great!)

I have to say, I have an amazing group of ladies on my B&B team. WOW! The hearts of every woman on my team...I am humbled to be working alongside of each of them!

My husband is still not working. He was laid off about 3 months ago and has applied for numerous positions and to no avail. However, I can say without a shadow of a doubt, we finally passed this particular test. TRUST & OBEY! It may look like insanity to the world, but to us, it is exactly what God has called us to Him and continue to obey! I can say, living on unemployment is not easy, but we have food on our table in and joy in our home!! Thank you Lord!

Big news, I hope that you are sitting down...for as long as I can remember, I have been on medication. Blood pressure medication, 2 pills for high cholesterol, 2 pills for diabetes and a thyroid medication. Seriously, I had almost as many pills as our Grandfather and he will be 92 in a few weeks. Well, now after being on Weight Watchers for a year....I am officially off of all medications. I will however, always be on a medication for my thyroid, because I don't have one. But, hey this is huge! NO MEDS! I am praying that this will continue, as some of my issues can totally be genetic, I'm hoping that most were due to being overweight! I continue to run/walk about 4 miles a day at least 4 days a week. I'm 40 something and I'm getting younger every day!

Finally, one more victory in my life. Remember that blog I wrote on spiritual warfare in the summer. I continue to see the Hand of God move on my behalf! Praise God! He has fought the battle for me, just like He said He would! HE IS!!

So, it is a new year and indeed a new day!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Those Balls Again!

It appears that I'm juggling several balls again.

I seem to be unable to, write a book, start a new ministry, read for pleasure, read for homeschooling, read to study for my new ministry, read through the Bible chronologically, homeschool 3 children, take care of a elderly man with dementia, be a Mom, Wife, friend and blog as well. do I juggle. Well, the fact is I don't.

Funny, I had to pause a moment because I'm baking cookies and the timer just went off.

I'm doing the best I can, but I have to say out of all of those things, I'm letting the blogging go. I don't want to, I don't mean to, I just have to. My words are being split. By the time I finish my book, no one will ever want to read it because they will have read it already in one form of media or another. Which is really okay. I'm really just writing the book to have it bound and in the hands of my children. It is everyone else in my life, who has had a glimpse of the book, that is encouraging me to get it published. (Fear and trembling).

So be patient, I will return with my catching up on family life, words of wisdom (haha), and nuggets of truth learned by those in my life, so easily shared on the canvas of a blog screen! I will return. So much is going on it really helps to write it out! But alas, my kitchen timers beeps again.