Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Leaving a Legacy!

Here is my big 5 year old! Yesterday was his birthday and now we are DONE! No more birthdays (because of course Mom and Dad don't get any older anymore) for another 365 days!

It is our family tradition to give a book on birthdays. Every year my boys get a very special book that reflects where they are right now - something specific about each one -- and on the inside cover I write a letter to them. The letter is usually a snapshot of the past year, why we are so proud of them and a prayer for the next year to come. These books someday will be a journal to each one - something they can have forever here on earth. They look forward to it every year. Here is Shane opening his.....
Here are my superheros. Proud of each one! These books are amazing if you haven't read them! I read them all to the boys yesterday and well, I cried a flood let me tell you! They get a kick out of Mommy when she cries for no "apparent" reason!

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