Sunday, June 1, 2008

"Hey Lucy, I'm Home!"

In the words of Ricky Ricardo - "Hey Lucy - I'm Home!!"! Thanks to a dear friend I have my computer (and then some) back! For awhile there, I thought that my friend was in cahoots with the Lord and purposefully giving me a 6-week computer fast! But my friend and the Lord have been beyond gracious to me! My friend's wife (who is my friend as well) is a faithful blog reader and she was getting desperate for new material - so I'm not sure if the dripping faucet, I mean the beautiful voice of his wife didn't spur him on to bless us even more quickly! Either way if you are reading this "THANKS TO BOTH OF YOU!!"

Seriously, my head has been hurting because it is full of funny stories and bloggity blogs and I have been unable to have my quite time to get it all out! However, during my "computer fast", I did read 3 novels and am doing a Bible Study and that is completely separate from my devotions. My husband spotted me reading a book that I have read, oh about 4 times at least (it was over the holiday weekend and the library was closed!) and he expressed his concern! He was concerned because by the 2nd chapter of this book that I have read 4 times I was balling my eyes out! (I can here my Brendan saying "Mom - that's a hyperbole!") It is true, I think I was going insane!

Oh, the other big thing that happened besides two of my children graduating (one from Pre-K and one from 1st grade) I experienced my first concussion (at least that I can remember)! Oh that was a blast!

I was tucking my children in bed (3 boys in one small room - just imagine) - giving kisses to the one on the bottom bunk when "WHACK!!" the lights went out in my head! I am told that I passed out 3 times in my boys room only to awaken to my children crying and praying for their Mom who they thought died! Yes, Brendan soaked his pillow with his tears crying out to his Dad "Who is going to homeschool me now? I miss my Mom - I remember when....." I mean the kid was giving me my eulogy! Kyle & Shane were laying hands on me asking the Lord to heal me or raise me from the dead! Mike tells me that I only had a memory of 5 minutes and I kept asking him the same questions (as if it were my first time asking him) over and over and over again, oh for about 20-30 times. I had no memory from 7:30pm to 11:00pm, and I refused to go to the hospital. I laugh now, because I can see my poor husband trying to explain to the boys why he was slapping Mommy in the face and that she was NOT DEAD! By the time I started realizing that I remember something different (about 11:00pm) my poor husband was white with fear and exhaustion!

Sorry to say we have no pictures of my concussion, mostly because I was the one who was out like a light and I'm the picture taker!

I have so many more stories to share! So stay tuned!


Barclay 5 said...

Yeah, my girl is back! You are too funny and such good medicine for me.

Love, Tracy

Michelle said...

Welcome back!