Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I Love A Rainy Day

Oh boy do I ever. I never used to appreciate rain as much as I do living here in Florida. It is a wonderful relief! For the past two days we have had afternoon storms and it is a welcome respite! About 15 minutes ago, I was in my backyard playing good guys and bad guys with my boys using every water squirter available - it was a blast. We were soaking wet and loving it - because it was sooooo hot out! Then, all of a sudden (and I do mean sudden) dark clouds rolled in with the thunder and then the lightening! Down pour!!! Six small feet and two big ones go running through the yard to clean it up and zoom into the house we go! Ahhhh....my lawn is thrilled I'm sure.

Inside we have no worries, rest time is part of the PLAN!!! My boys would say "Oh Mom, not the PLAN!!" Check it out! My Kyle, who is on the autism spectrum - LOVES the plan! He craves knowing what is next! Actually they all enjoy the PLAN - they just like giving me a hard time.

Here is an example of our chore charts! At the end of the week there is a special treasure awaiting them!

Our calendar time includes a little schooling. This is mainly to help keep up the routine of writing and we use this time to talk to Kyle about school - this way it will not be a foreign concept come fall! We are including sign language as part of our curriculum this fall, but I figured I would start this summer. I teach a Sign Language for Worship class for our Homeschool Enrichment Classes, but I really do not want my kids taking my class if possible! They have me all year, there are many other wonderful classes by other former teachers/present homeschoolers! So, we have a wall of words we are signing this summer and the kids love it - they want to fill every bit of the wall by the end of the summer! They actually did sign when they were babies, but once the words started coming the signs started going! So, I love the rainy days - 'cause it makes more time for the PLAN!!!

Gifts Continued from earlier post.....(I'm thankful for...)

70. The rain on very thirsty land.

71. The clouds that bring shelter.

72. The ability to be a little girl at 39!

73. The Great Physician!

74. Faith that moves mountains!

75. Dirty little feet from jumping in the mud!

76. The PLAN!

77. His Plan - He has one for me (and you) and its a good one! Jeremiah 29:11

78. Husband's new job with the newspaper!

79. Rest time!!

80. Dinners that can be doubled and frozen for next week! WooHoo!

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Barclay 5 said...

I am so thankful for rest, too! Thank you, sweet Lisa, for your prayers of faith, love and general wonderfulness! We are well!

Happy Birthday to all those strapping boys!