Wednesday, February 5, 2014

He is My Superhero

My cute baby "A" at 2 years old.

I know I've written so much about Kyle in this "Journey of a Superhero Mom" blog. My boys are my superheros - and I'm simply their Mom - never make the mistake..I'm not a super Mom at all - just a Mom to superheros. They continue to teach me things I never knew...or things that I may have forgotten.  I write again, because this is the place I've chosen to log what is going on in his life - my journal so to speak - and if our experiences can ever help anyone, then...praise God!

I've mentioned before that Kyle is the gift God gave me to show me Jesus every day. I'll just mention briefly that Kyle was diagnosed at the age of 3 with PDD-NOS - an autism spectrum disorder. He was tested and found that he was developmentally delayed as well as severely learning disabled (short term memory issues, as well as sequencing issues). He has gone through speech, physical, and occupational therapy for years. If you know this child, he could easily steal your heart. Today, I would confidently say that he is an OVERCOMER. He is VICTORIOUS! He is perfectly made in the IMAGE OF GOD!

Around 5 years old...obsessed with making "sand"balls.

Today he is going to see a Neurologist because he has been fainting (passing out). We are trying to rule out seizures, because when I found him on the ground 2 weeks ago he just didn't look right. Tomorrow he goes to a cardiologist. I was hit with what felt like a ton of bricks 2 weeks ago while we sat with the second doctor and repeated some of the same things. As we sit in the room with my now 12.5 year old boy, it dawns on my husband and I that we've NEVER told Kyle that he has special needs, or that he is on the spectrum, or that he has learning disabilities. In our family...we ALL have issues. So to explain to my other children when Kyle acted odd, we would tell them, Kyle has issues.

All of this came out right in front of Kyle at the doctors. He heard me say all those things. These past two weeks I've worked hard to replace those words, with words of LIFE! Yes, these may have been true of Kyle's past, and yes he still continues to struggle in many areas, BUT he is God's favorite. He is free. He is chosen. He is a new Creation. He is a child of God. He is greatly loved. He is built up!

We all need to remind ourselves of these things which are true. All found in the Word of God...and we need to BELIEVE God at His Word!

My sweet boy...this past summer (2013)...truly my superhero.

I have heard this child say the most amazing things in the past three weeks. I do believe that God has revealed some truth of His Word...deep into Kyle's heart. One of the best thing about Kyle is that he has the most beautiful heart. I tell him all the David...his heart is precious..and he is a man after God's very own heart!

This week he has had to wear the hat of humility. He made a mistake. Said somethings that he shouldn't have said. He confessed. Asked for forgiveness from the people that his words hurt. Then he asked the Lord to forgive him. He told me later. "Mom, I asked God to forgive me too. Now, it is like I never did it!"

Friends, if we could all understand the forgiveness of God like this...I think we would all feel that much lighter. We have ALL fallen short of the Glory of God, but when we seek His forgiveness, He forgives and that is it. The slate is clean. It is our own minds, or the people around us that remember. Oh to be more like Jesus. Kyle has been deeply hurt in the past - words have hurt him...all too often. Things said, behind his back and even to his face. I've watched this child cry his heart out on my sofa. He knows how to forgive and truly forget. I have watched him. Without apologies...he still forgives. I think that is why he easily asks for forgivness. He knows he is not perfect. He knows he makes mistakes, but he also knows he has a loving God that forgives him...because he trusts God to know his heart.

See...this boy shows me Jesus...all the time. He is my superhero.