Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sharing Faith = Tangible Love

Before we had children we had very strong beliefs on how we would raise them. They were not always popular with some family members or friends, but we had a very long time to think about raising children. While much of what we planned on doing seemed intentional, really it was just the way we lived our own lives as husband and wife. There are more things our children learn by observation than by instruction.

I remember a time in my pregnancy with Shane that the doctors thought he was not going to make it. He had sent me home with very little hope. My husband sat with me in the kitchen and while we both cried out to Jesus he brought his 16 month old twins into the kitchen and laid their little hands on my womb next to his and we, as a family prayed for baby Shane. This was the beginning of practicing our faith in our children. Mr. Incredible and I are very aware of the hand of God in our lives and we are indeed sure that our superheros are as well.

So practically speaking, we have seen God in such tangible ways that you will hear my children say things like..."Remember the time Jesus brought us food and left us bags of groceries on our front door?" ...."Hey Mom...Jesus cleaned Pop's bathroom!" or most recently..."It is like Jesus just mowed our lawn." My children know that every good and precious gift comes from the Father...and we see Jesus in skin all the time. So we purpose to be that as well.
Training begins right here at the home. It is part of my job as a Superhero Mom to train these boys to be Godly men/husbands/citizens. To love and respect one another is one of the most important lessons to learn. They are brothers, we are a family, respect and honor begins right here! These are not just chores to earn money, but to be a blessing to this unit we call family. Faith in action!
Shane & Kyle (do you see his name says.."Super Kyle") volunteer once a month at a local church to help feed the homeless and hungry. It started with the Shane's passion for the homeless. The boy's heart is huge! You can read this story HERE. My superheros have never feared sharing the love of Jesus. When Brendan was 4 he knelt down at his preschool (not a Christian school) and prayed for his teacher's sore foot. Shane and Kyle would ask any store clerk or anyone if they knew Jesus. One time in particular, Shane asked and the man holding the door outside of 7-11 said "No." I'll never forget my sweet superhero with tears in his eyes..."Mom, how will he know?" - We went right to prayer as the man drove off in his car!

At this church where we participate in helping to feed the hungry in our community, Kyle, Shane and I are runners. We are there to help people carry their plates of food and get their drinks and just love on them as they sit and get a nice hot meal.

These two boys have ministered so much love! The guests that come in for a meal are often heard talking about those boys who treat them like royalty. It is true. Towards the end Shane and Kyle will get to have a bite to eat and they will find a place amongst the people to sit and talk. It is so precious to watch and each month their hearts get bigger and bigger! It is such an honor to serve alongside my superheros every month.
Then there is my best friend in the world...Lorrie! She was going through a difficult time for a season. Her way of working through that is to keep herself busy. She came over to the house every day, painted, did repairs and had dinner with us every night for about a week. She is another person in my life who just shares her faith by tangibly loving others. We love to tangibly love each other!

How will they know unless we tell them? How will they know unless we show them? How will they know unless we love them?....just like Jesus!


Lorrie Blandy said...

What a beautiful blog :) You are such a sweet inspiration to my walk with Jesus....I am so thankful He gave us each other !

Christina said...

Such precious boys! It is a joy to see God at work in a child's heart. Thank you for sharing this post today:)

mariki said...

Aaah -- a super beautiful post. And I know you know, that it is all because of the grace of a super wonderful God!

(Oh, I thank the Lord for our five gracious -- grown-up -- children; but realize every day how much more I could have enriched their time of upbringing.)