Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Cookie Chronicles 4th Ed.

Cookie #10
October 28, 2011
Candy Corn Cookie Bark
Lisa's Choice

Found this recipe on The Girl Who Ate Everything's Blog. There are so many wonderful blogs that I love to read. She actually credits another website, so if you are interested feel free to follow the link (she a professional so her photography is beautiful). So the story behind the cookie (there is always a story right?!) is that my son Brendan couldn't choose a cookie because he was "sweeted out" - all because we made these this week too...
Remember, the caramel apples? Well, he really couldn't commit to a cookie and I couldn't let a week go by without inscribing the next edition of The Cookie Chronicles, so I decided to make a different kind of cookie for a harvest party that we will be attending on Monday night.

Take a closer look at these ingredients. This is something that I never ever do....substitute. If a recipe calls for butter, I use butter, if it calls for exact measurements, I use exact measurements. Remember, I'm not a cook, I just love to bake. I could not find almond bark/white chocolate candy melts anywhere local. I mean I'm talking, WalMart, Winn-Dixie, Publix, Target, K-Mart...I had to use what was in my I had to combine white chocolate baking squares, white chocolate chips, and some white bark. This killed me. My husband laughed at me, my best friend laughed at me, but it really troubled me that I didn't have the exact ingredients. I did however weight the white sweetness on the scale and that was indeed exact. (Also called for the orange colored filling in the oreos..something else I was unable to find.)

The 2nd issue I had with this "cookie" was that it didn't require any baking...I think I'm only good with baking cookies...this was not my thing. My children loved crushing up all the ingredients and even my husband got involved by melting the chocolate, while I consulted the website to follow the "exact" instructions. It was a messy ordeal, but fun and extremely sweet.
Here is the final result. I allowed the children to sample a few pieces of bark and they absolutely loved it - me..not so much. Way too sweet for my liking. I have a feeling it will be a hit among the young people at Monday's party. The final issue with this particular cookie is that it isn't going into my cookie jar. So the jar is empty. Sad isn't it? Feels strange to have this beautiful jar sitting empty. Next week it will be filled again...until then we will talk, ponder and dream about the next pleasurable delight that will fill my glass cookie jar, because after all, we all need a little sweet now and then.

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