Friday, October 14, 2011

The Cookie Chronicles 2nd Ed.

Cookie #8
October 14, 2011
Cherry Vanilla Chip Cookies
Kyle's Choice
I really enjoyed making these. I was surprised that Kyle wanted something with fruit in it. He is typically a very "plain" kind of boy. They looked appealing to him. When asked why he chose them, he just said that they look "happy." On this day I purposed to look at everything and choose to see beauty. It is amazing how things change when you make some serious choices. What a "happy" this day was.

I'm not sure why, perhaps it was a highlight of a dim childhood, cherries make me smile. I think my Aunt Dottie use to make me Shirley Temples when I was little. She and my cousin would treat this little pauper child like royalty when they would visit me. mise en place! Enticing ingredients right?
So often when I'm baking I have an audience. I watch the Dinardi children (well two of them) after school. It is good to have a panel of judges...keeps you humble. :)
Everyone gave the warm Cherry Vanilla Chip Cookies 5 Smiles!! Of course we made our deliveries around to our neighbors. Sent Shane to do that and he came back with candy. How does he do that? He was just supposed to deliver with a smile....I'm thinking that like any superhero, those eyelashes and dimples just ooze cuteness and they melt people right were they are, not to mention that precious little heart that wants to "love" on everyone! Oh..that is another reason why we are making cookies - to bless our neighbors and be sure we leave an impression of Jesus on them.
Well, finished product. Cherry Vanilla Chip Cookies! It was a sweet day...we even ended it with pancakes and sausage for dinner. Stay tuned to the next edition of The Cookie Chronicles and in the meantime think about how you can add a little sugar to your day...because we all need a little sweet now and then.

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Caroline said...

Now these look very tasty! Not that all of the others don't, but I LOVE cherries! You may have to send me this recipe if you don't mind. Have a blessed day friend...