Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I'm Not An Unfit Mother!

Did that title get ya? Well, what I mean is, if I ate everything I baked or made..well, I might be unfit. So, in case you follow my weight loss journey, please fear not..I may take a tiny bite, but I'm not gonna blow it! I'm still losing weight..have 30 pounds to go. Once I'm through with fighting this anemia I will have my energy back and we'll be back to running 4 miles a day. So, doing the cookie baking and the candy creations...well, that is more for memory making with my superheros than anything else..oh and blessing others (practicing hospitality). So here is what we did today.

We always do caramel apples, every fall. This was my test bunch..I've never allow for such creativity before! Boy did my superheros love it! Not sure today was the best day, we went to the dentist today...Shane had a cavity filled and Brendan had two extractions and Kyle..he had a cleaning and absolutely no cavities! Should we really be making these today? Who know..it felt right when we sorted through all the sugar!
 Not exactly sure why I only got Kyle in on the pictures. He was just a ham today!

 It took some time to separate all of those lovely colors -- Teamwork!  Reeces Pieces, mini M&Ms, candy corn sprinkles...

So here they are. Really this was experimental. Some tips I learned (from trial and error)...you must scrub those apples, especially if they are store bought and not fresh picked..must get that wax off. Then I probably should have let them set for just a tiny bit longer..that is why there is some slippage on the Reeces Pieces Caramel Apple. Kyle made a Boba Fett Apple there with the green and brown (I don't see it, but Kyle does..that is all that matters). Then below is my personal favorite.
Doesn't that look decadent. Caramel apple..I cooled that off in the refrigerator, then melted some white chocolate chips (had those left over in my cupboard from the cherry vanilla chip cookies). Spread the white chocolate over the caramel and sprinkled it with cinnamon sugar (also left over from making snikerdoodles). I think it is called Caramel Apple Pie Apple or something like that..it is all over the Internet this fall!

Well, my children loved doing this "art" project. That is what we're calling it! Homeschoolers have the ability to stretch outside the box for subject matter. Our favorite art teacher returns to us from Michigan in just another week! Thanks for peeking into my art class today.


Karen said...

I just love everything about you, Lisa Engel. I miss you terribly and wish you could run down the street and watch a movie with us! You MUST plan a trip here to see us!! You are the most fit (spiritually, emotionally, physically, and mentally)momma I know, so keep up the good work. Your Father is so proud of you, and I delight in being your friend!!!

Sweet cakes said...

OH Lisa!I love your baking memories with the kids..you know my mom did with me, and look how it turned out! You are creating an enviroment for your boys to create, connect, and think! :) THey are very blessed to have you as mom! You are raising a generation of boys that are gonna be world changers for Jesus for sure!