Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wherever You Send Us...We Will Go!

"And how can they preach unless they are sent? As it is written, "How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!" Romans 10:15

Wondering what the Lord has in store for this family. I look at this picture and want to cry...from joy. This was the first night we went out as a family in one car, alone, just the 5 of us with our 10 2 years. Taking care of Pop was what we were supposed to do...he is our family..we love him. We have felt total confirmation from every angle that placing him in such a wonderful loving facility was the right choice at the right time. We were called to do that...for a season...a long season. Now we are being called for something else.

I'm not sure what yet. I know that there has been a priority shift. We have 3 boys who love the Lord and deeply love to serve people. I have a husband who has such compassion for his patients & such passion for what he is studying. Then there is me -- I have a deep love of God's Word, the Gospel, and a love for his children! I feel like I've been given a story...and a need to share it.

When I met Mr. Incredible in college, we were both a part of a ministry. We served with Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship for all the years we were in college together. We did one-on-one evangelism, we did sidewalk preaching, we held prayer meetings and prayer walks. We served side by side and knew that was what we were called to do...for a season.

Then we started to serve in our church...together as a married couple. Mr. Incredible did everything, led worship, preached on Wednesdays, sometimes on Sundays. I taught Sunday School, led Bible Studies and Women's Ministry, spoke at different churches...for a season.

We had children. My mission field became very clear...they were my mission field...they are my mission field. I train them to hide the Word in their hearts. I teach them about the Lord, I demonstrate love. I am responsible for their understanding of right and wrong. I'm to nurture their loving hearts. We model marriage for them. We introduced them all to Jesus and we help nurture their love and trust in Him. They move toward independence in that they want to lay crowns at the Father's feet someday. We nurture their love for others and their desire to serve...this I'm called to for eternity.

Where will you have these feet go Lord? Wherever you send us...we will go!

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