Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Little Man With A Big Heart

This is my 8 year old son Shane. He has had numerous opportunities in his young life to see the mighty hand of God move in our midst. He has been a first hand witness to Jesus in skin present at our doorstep, on the phone or making a meal. So why does it surprise me when he has such a heart for the same.

Coming home from Walmart the other day he sat quietly in the passenger seat of my Toyota. Air conditioning running, cold bottle of water sitting in the cup holder and he looks so forlorn. I inquire..."Shane, what is going on in that head of yours?" His reply that warmed my heart, "Mom, she sits there every day, she looks so sad, can we make her a meal?" Talking about the homeless woman that lives outside behind Publix. He is right. She is always out there, looking kind of sad. "Well, Shane, what would you like us to make her?" "Macaroni and cheese?" he says! "Well, I'm not sure what she would do with that, but how about some homemade oatmeal raisin cookies?" So, he decides some homemade sweets made with lots of love will do the trick!

We prayed over these cookies! We prayed for her! We asked that this would be a moment in time that this woman would not forget the love of Jesus. Then we delivered our cookies behind Publix.

Meet our new friend!

(Picture has been deleted out of respect. I didn't realize I could potentially offend anyone.)

A little put off at first, but it didn't take long to see the warmth in her beautiful face. I had done a little asking around first, so I knew her name. "Hi, my name is Lisa and this is my son Shane. He sees you here often and he really wanted to bless you today." Shane hands Colorado a bag and says "My Mom and I made these just for you, we made them with love and they are still warm." She smiled so sweetly at Shane. He noticed her defenses go down. "We just wanted you to know that Jesus loves you and so do we." I seriously got all choked up. Here is my small boy with such a big heart. His first missions trip, right in our own back yard.

I told her that the Jesus loves her and we just wanted her to know that we have been praying for her and that it is quite likely that we will not ever be able to bake cookies again without sharing some.

We exchanged words for a few more moments and then we bid our farewells. She smiled so tenderly at Shane. We got into our car and Shane rolled down the window, and yelled "Bye!!"...she yelled back..."Shane, my note, thank you so much for my sweet note!" then she placed her hands around her face.

When we left the store a half hour later, 2 men had joined her near her spot. Shane looked and said..."OH no Mommy, there are more. We have to feed them too! Look...the sign says PLEASE HELP! Mommy, we have to help!! -- do you think she shared her cookies?"

When I look at him, he seems so small sometimes. He is my baby after all! Lord, continue to foster a desire in the heart of my boy, to reach the lost in tangible ways. We will be inquiring as to what Shane and I can do to feed the homeless.

"For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in..." Matthew 25:35

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Caroline said...

Sweet friend... Your precious son touches my heart. My children always want to bring a plate to someone when we eat out, which isn't that often anymore. But a friend of mine had an idea that my kids and I sort of had a while back, but we want to pack little lunch bags with things that might help and carry them in our car, so that anytime we see someone, we can give them out. As usual, you are a blessing...