Monday, October 31, 2011

We Are Acts 29

The book of Acts, all 28 chapters, penned by Luke and breathed by God to recount the triumphant spread of the Gospel through the power of the Holy Spirit. I will at times here people mention the book of Acts and refer to it as the book that talks about the Acts of the Apostles. While that is somewhat true, we mustn't forget that we too are "Apostles" in the general sense of the who has received a mission from God (there are many many missions...Acts 1:8 says "But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.") We are in fact, ambassadors for Christ.

So why Acts 29? It is the continuation of the book of Acts...we, His people, are chapter 29. So, one of the best sermons preached by one of my favorite pastors and friend was yesterday morning. He explained Acts 29 and instead of preaching a sermon we were going to be the sermon. He worked it out with our local food store and they were ready for Edgewater Alliance Church (all 400 plus people) to shop for our local food pantries and pregnancy center. It was an incredible site!
We packed the place out! I would say 80% of the shoppers were from EAC. I got a little choked up watching everyone enjoy their shopping spree. Outside was a huge truck prepared to go and make the deliveries and our church staff was standing outside collecting turkey vouchers to help with Thanksgiving Dinner. This spoke volumes to our boys, whom have seen the Mighty Hand of God move in our home and lives on a regular does your heart good when you are doing the work of the Lord.
Picture credit Kinsey Whittet - I was whisked away before I could get this shot!

So thankful for the bountiful blessings that come from loving and serving my Lord and loving and serving my community. On this day, I had another extra special honor. Right in the parking lot of this store was a woman who needed a different kind of love. She needed the love of a mother, a sister, a woman. Something so horrific had happened in her world, she came to our church looking for someone to minister to her. One of my pastors introduced us and off I went. Left my husband and sons at the store and she and boyfriend drove me away so that I could talk with her in private. We were strangers, yet I held her in my arms, prayed for her and loved on Mom to another. When she left she was uplifted by the love of Jesus and the hope we find in Him alone. When I got home, my phone rang and it was an older woman who is a member of another church in our town, yet comes to Bagels & Blessings regularly. She and I talk and pray frequently. She called to tell me her 91 year old mother died suddenly on Friday. She cried on the phone as I approached the Throne again. We ended our conversation with worship and thanksgiving, so thankful to be doing this journey of life together.

As I reflect on a pretty perfect Sunday and a beautiful palpable sermon...I continue with my 1000 list of gratitude.

Thank you, my precious Lord and Heavenly Father for..

210. The blessing of giving.

211. Opportunities to love one another in different ways.

212. An amazing church family and gifted Pastor who hears from the heart of God.

213. Beautiful weather for wonderful walks with my super family!

214. The gift of time...learning to treasure it every day.

215. Your incredible provision.

216. Binding up the brokenhearted.

217. Healing wounds too deep to even imagine.

218. Friendships that span generations.

219. Tears that are caught by you...because only you know what to do with them. ♥


Allison Reynolds said...

I woke up this morning thinking, "I hope Lisa blogs about the EAC experience yesterday." What an awesome example of being Jesus!

Doris said...

Thank you for your wonderfully inspired words straight from the Holy Spirit...It is a joy to know you and serve with you..Thank you for using your gifts to bless so many others..I love you lots sister!!

Anonymous said...

I am shocked there are still churches out there with this kind of love.
If only someone could bottle this and pour it out on other churches.

Amy said...

What a beautiful picture of the church being what the church is suppose to be! I love the Acts 29 concept. Thanks for sharing.

Jumped over from Ann's 1000 gifts and so glad that I did.