Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sometimes I Just Sing

"He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty." Psalm 91:1
I once read a true story about an English steamer that wrecked on a rocky coast. I don't remember where exactly. Twelve women survivors set out into the dark stormy waters in a lifeboat and the sea carried them away from the wreckage. They didn't have any oars, they were basically at the mercy of the wind and the waves. They must have been terrified...they spent the entire night being tossed by the raging sea! They most likely would have lost all hope if not for one woman who was known for her faith and her voice. She calmly prayed aloud for protection, then encouraged the others to put their trust in the Lord and to sings hymns of comfort. Throughout the midnight hours her voice rang out across the raging water. Early the next morning a search team did come out looking for survivors. The man who was steering the rescue boat would likely have missed the women in all the fog if he had not heard a woman singing. Steering in the direction of her voice, he spotted the lifeboat and these women were rescued.

It reminds me of how I handle some of my storms. I'm big on prayer! Pray first - silently or out loud! I also sing! This photo is one is from Michelle Meiklejohn (giving credit where credit is due) guitar looks similar, except at this point...I need to string it! I love to sing in the privacy of my own room, to my audience of One. I majored in music and theater when I was in college and so instruments came easy. Guitar is by far my worship instrument of choice. There have been many many times I would escape to my room, especially in the midst of a storm, and sing praises. I would sing softly at times, but then other times I would sing like my life depended on it!

I find great comfort in worshiping! I don't always need my guitar. It has been without strings for months, so I use the instrument God gave to me (he gave one to you too), my voice. I will often find myself singing old hymns of faith. I get totally lost with Him, my true Rescuer! So how do I practice faith in the midst of fear, storms, adversity?..."There is a Fountain", "His Eye is On The Sparrow", "It Is Well With My Soul", "Blessed Assurance". Try it! As you practice turning your thoughts to your True Rescuer, you may just find yourself resting and relaxing right in His arms. What better place to be when the storm is overwhelming or the sea of responsibilities are overtaking you! Just sing!

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