Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy Birthday to Dr. Seuss!

Born on March 2nd, Dr. Seuss had no idea what a celebrated man he would become.
Today as a homeschool group, we celebrated his life and his books! Our children dressed as their favorite character (Seuss or any other book/character)...Marched around the pond at the park, listened to me read "Oh The Thinks You Can Think!", had a few fun relay races, ate lunch and ate some cake! Isn't this the way we all wished we were schooled!
Anyway, here are some memories I would love to share with you!
The Dr. Seuss Cake....isn't this awesome. I must give credit...my friend Katie helped me design and ice this cake....really I had all the supplies, but wasn't brave enough to do it by myself. 6 hours of fun making this baby...we don't claim to be professionals...but there is that secret ingredient..."love for our children" in this cake and boy...by the looks on their faces...they could taste it!

I laugh because people always ask about the socialization of homeschooled children. Hmmm?

Ok...my son Brendan's favorite books this year have been Arthur Chapter Books, by Marc Brown. So Brendan is Arthur & Shane is Brendan's best buddy Buster Baxter! Don't worry Kyle gets to eat all the goodies!
I am done with all of my special events for homeschooling as we are winding down our year. Now its work work work!!! No...I'll go easy on them...don't worry!


Allison Reynolds said...

Thank you again Lisa for pouring into my own children! You did such a FABULOUS job planning and hosting the events for the younger kids. It is awesome that we can function as the body...you are able to pour in where I am lacking...and I hope that I pour into your life and family where you may lack! Bless you...I am so glad to call you my friend. Allison

Monica Kaye said...

Love this! Love that cake!