Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Is This Allowed in School?

Well, yes...in our school anyway! I'm sure the Fire Department probably would have a few things to say about my son reading so close to the stove, but I was preparing breakfast.....don't want to waste a moment!
I love that we can be comfortable while learning. Remember those hard seats and bright lights in school. Here we have Florida sunshine...it's 62 degrees outside and we can wear shorts! Nice! Yes, that is my Brendan...he is so tall for just a 7 year old!
For the record, it is rare that Shane sits in an actual chair! Clearly you can see that we have them! Here are the boys preparing their Valentine's Boxes for their big party (another post)!

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Michelle said...

Oh the joys of Florida, homeschool, boys and sitting where ever you want! How about we sit on the back of chairs at church this Sunday-- thanks for the smile, your boys do that for me.