Monday, March 9, 2009

Sacred Saturdays

We had so much fun this weekend. We went to Go-Kart City and did everything but the Go-Karts. We played mini golf, hit the batting cages, and had some friendly competition in the game room. We ended our day with a bite to eat at McDonald's (Oh and I brought a Fiber One bar...and had a coffee...I didn't even taste a french fry!) Lost 2 lbs. bringing my total to 13.6 lbs so far. Whew! Ok so the strange faces that are always present when Mike and I get our picture taken by our children is just from the fact that they practically stick that camera on our noses! Plus it is amazing that a picture comes out at all...with all of the fingers in front of the camera. Not bad though...that was taken by Kyle! It was great cheap fun...and memories were made! Criteria for a great Sacred Saturday for the Engel family!

Here were some of the highlights!

I won....7 to 2. Poor Mike!
He gets his license in just 10 years here in FL!

Iced Coffee.....Oh this child!

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Michelle said...

We love go-cart city- only no batting cages we do the go-carts and mini-golf. Great pic of you and Mike!