Sunday, March 15, 2009

What A Weekend to Live in FL

Beautiful weather, beautiful friends. The above picture is my friend Carla holding baby Satori with me at Stella's On The Beach! YUM! The Engel family had a busy, fun filled weekend. Because our Sacred Saturday was busy with my having to teach our Connextion Team Orientation Class (which I really enjoy doing) my boys had a birthday party and I had dinner with some girl friends, we moved our Sacred Saturday to Sunday. We had a family day with all of the Connextion Team members today out a friends' home on the intercoastal! Thank you Kevin and Judy! We had a blast! Here are some photos of my fun weekend!

This is Amanda and her friend Jessica who came to help with Amanda's transition home with her new baby (baby above)

That red kayak is my Kyle...all by himself...out in the inlet...he got way out there...I was so proud. Brendan got to kayak by himself too (no pictures), and Shane didn't get that far...he cut up his legs and feet (first of 3 casualties by Shane alone today) on some barnacles!

There is the rest of my gang...see Shane up on Dad's shoulders...that would be after he cut up his legs and feet, and after he fell out of his chair because a palmetto bug was crawling up his leg, but before he almost smacked his head on the picnic table. UGH!

This would be Kyle getting pulled in from "way out there"...thankfully the water was full of experienced kayaking kids! I love is one of my favorite things to do here in FL! Sorry no pictures of me...I was being competitive...volleyball, badminton, and ladder ball....(they call it redneck golfing) hilariously fun - wish I had a picture! I lost at all three, but it was a blast!


Barclay 5 said...

I am starting to really like Florida! Glad you had a wonderful weekend. You, by the way, look beautiful out on Saturday with the girls. Wish we could go to dinner!!! Mis you, XO

Michelle said...

How much fun! I love it at Judy and Kevin's- I heard some of my girls made it in the water!