Sunday, March 22, 2009

Do You Have A "Forty Fairy"?

Here is what was supposed to have happened this Saturday: My friend Rhonda and I make it a point to spend some quality time together every year. Even though we see each other at church, we both have crazy lives with our boys, ministry and "jobs". So the time we spend is truly quality and I look forward to it...believe me. Her husband is our Worship Pastor at our church and Rhonda and I just clicked from the very beginning when I first met her! Instant love! She has always been a source of encouragement to me when it comes to raising three boys! So the plan was for us to go walking this time...we usually do breakfast out somewhere, but I'm in the process of losing weight (20.2 lbs so far) and breakfast just isn't worth the "points" to go out to eat! A walk was much more productive in many ways!

I was excited! My husband was taking the boys to the park...I was going walking! This was the plan!

Well, I got there and I was totally in shock! If you read my blogs you must have read this one, so you already know that I'm having issues with turning 40. My husband and my friends surprised me with an amazing gathering of some of the most awesome people I know. They were all in one room..together..everyone I love! It was something. Forty something people...flashing me hugs and showering me with their love and friendship! I was in shock! How did my husband and my friend Carla pull this off...I am a very nosy person! It is difficult to surprise me!
That is not all...I apparently have a "Forty Fairy" who made me feel so wonderful about turning 40. Seriously, I laughed so friend Susan..."The Forty Fairy"...made the day by sharing with me that turning 40 is: Fun, Fantastic, Fabulous, Fragrant, Fresh, Flamboyant, and Flighty! She had us all in tears of laughter! Can I just say I LOVE THIS WOMAN!

She lavished me with all thing essential to turning prunes..symphony of flavor to the palette and fiber too!, Alligator Jerky..."Be Daring Be Bold!", Honey because life gets sweeter as the years go by. There was so much more! Just making 40 really seem like fun! What a blast!

So all of my friends, under one roof, celebrating me! My mind and heart are still overwhelmed with joy! I tried to make a humble speech as I was about to blow out my candles. Something like, what matters most in life is not the economy, or the fame or the money that we have...I don't have any of this, but what I do have are friends, and relationships with so many people that love me and I love them and that makes me rich! Rich in relationships/friendships...that is what helps get us by in life! I felt like Rockefeller on Saturday! My face hurt from smiling so much! My husband was so happy too.

So with all of these people behind me...cheering me on to my 40s...I am actually excited about Tuesday!

Here are some of the pictures of my fun day!

Oh...I got a beach cruiser from my hubby! Woohoo! I got home that night and went straight outside to ride my bike...just like a little kid! What a blast! Forty is Fabulous!


Michelle said...

Happy B-day- it was fun! I also passed on your bike news to Lori!!!

Barclay 5 said...

How fun! So glad that your friends lavished you with such a beautiful surprise! You look fabulous, wearing 40 well! I'm not too far behind, so this post gives me hope that life only gets better with age. Lisa, you are rich in the most important way - faith, love, friends and family. Really, what else is there? I wish I could celebrate with you tomorrow, but know my heart is with you. I am thankful that God gave such a wonderful, faithful friend to me! Happy "early" Bday!

PS - I love that cruiser! I so want one, but guess it would look cooler if I actually cruised along a beach, not just on the bike path!

Anonymous said...

Oh, that looks like so much fun! And a bike! Now the pound will just melt away!

Happy birthday girl, enjoy your husband, boys and friends. You truly are a real Rockefeller.

Tiffany said...

Happy Birthday. I love your blog! I love your new crusier. You and I will have to be the crusier chicks and go for a ride. It was fun getting to know you sunday. Your a hoot. The party looked like it was so fun. I'm looking forward to having a group of friends like that and I seem to be off to a great start!