Friday, January 13, 2012

I Don't Care About That Red Squiggly Line!

Journaling. If you were to look up that word in Mirriam-Webster's dictionary, she/it would tell you that it does not exist. No such word! Irritatingly, when I type the word it gets that red squiggly line underneath that screams.."PLEASE SPELL CHECK,"  yet it is a verb that has been a vital part of my life for so many years. It is, among other things, therapeutic as well as an ongoing source of encouragement (if not at least entertaining).  I have tons of journals that look much like the one above. I love to look back and read what (and when) I was writing years ago. My journals are precious to me and hopefully someday to my children as well. My boys love the journal I wrote to them in my  "Journey To Become Your Mom" journal and I enjoy reading the mountaintop and valley experiences over and over puts things in perspective and reminds me of where I've been and some of the lessons I've learned.

My journaling looks a little more like this picture below nowadays. Iinterestingly enough (and quite off topic) "nowadays" is a word and journaling is not...go figure!
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Recently I began to look back of some of my journals, both penned and keyed and it has brought me so much joy, so much depth and understanding, so much gratitude.

I remember Miracles on My Street happening like it was yesterday..the joy I had in writing it, came flooding back to me as I reread that story.  Keeping my head on straight and my eyes are heart focused on things above is what I was reminded when I reread Focus on The Negative..Why. My Strength and My Song and The Value of Things Eternal I obviously needed to read..this week. What a great time I've had reading and rereading!

Then someone on Facebook was struggling with something that tends to be a recurring issue of my own, and I chuckled because I remembered writing about it once in 2008 when I wrote My Heart-And Those Crystal Balls but then I wrote about Those Balls Again in 2010 and that totally made me laugh out loud!

So as I was reading I thought, this is the best way to go to sleep....reading entries like...How Wide, How Long or I'm Lost Without You.

It was fun taking a little trip down memory lane, but even more than that, it was encouraging to my soul to look back on my life and see all that the Lord has done. Journaling, I don't care about that red squiggly line, I'm so thankful for the art!!

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Michelle said...

I too love to journal and have enjoyed looking back at the stones of rememberance in pages from my past. If life allows I hope to make it back to some of your links, I vaguely remember your titles "Mircle on Street" and "Those Balls again"-- guess I've been reading all along on your pages on memory lane.