Monday, January 30, 2012

The Power of Words

As I reflect this week on all that I am grateful for, I keep reaching over to the lamp next to my bed and picking up this card. I have this amazing spirit filled friend whom the Lord uses mightily to saturate my soul in my love language..words of encouragement. I know whenever I receive something from her, it is because the Lord Almighty has spoken to her obedient heart...and I'm always incredibly blessed. I do hope she doesn't mind me sharing her personal sentiments to me with the readers of this blog. I just felt like it was a huge part of my 1000 gratitude this week..and I couldn't pass it by..I had to pass it on.

There is amazingly great power in words...

 as they fall off of the page and into my heart I read these POWERFUL words...
 "Your difficult times end up being an encouragement for others because we always see God do IMPOSSIBLE things to answer your prayers." WOW! God!!! To You be all the Glory & Honor! That my life song may be a blessing to others - what an encouragement to "remain faithful to waiting on God."
I've been teaching on Hope this past year at our Bagels & Blessings. As always the Lord is faithful to teach me so I can effectively teach others. To Him be the Glory!!

Then she goes on to pray provision over me....that "He do things that blow my mind!...He rewards my patience as I wait on Him...and Healing will take place in all of us!" Thank you Lord for such saturating my soul..for friends that really pray for me!!

Then look at this final paragraph..."Lord take this IMPOSSIBLE situation and SHOW OFF with it!...Show the world...NOTHING is too hard, too difficult, too impossible...another opportunity Lord, do it...BIG!!" Even as I type, these powerful Spirit-filled words move my heart that tears are falling once again.

We do have a very BIG God...who cares immensely...and who has a PERFECT plan. Even when I do not see where my next foot will fall...I walk by faith..not by sight!! He has ordered my steps and He will provide for each one. We continue to look for part time employment for my husband and I am about to embark on a new endeavor with teaching guitar. We understand fully that we are living on 5 loaves and 2 fish. If I remember the event as it is written in the Word...they had enough and even some left over. GO God!!! Do it BIG!

Thank you Father for...

270. Caring for little me and my little family, that you would place us on the hearts of others whom you trust to obey your will.

271. All the persons that are you. The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.

272. The words of a friend, moved by the Spirit, that have saturated my soul with encouragement.

273. Your provision, and your Word that will continue to provide for our every need.

274. Making memories with my arrows....the

275. Scripture each member of my family pours into your becomes alive and active in us.

276. The mystery that You are Lord...although you have revealed Yourself fully, I keep wanting more and more of you.

277. Your perfect plan that includes, hope and a future.

278. A husband who is trying and working so hard...hold on to Him Lord as he continues to hold on to you!

279. Teachable moments in Your curriculum...lessons on love, hope and giving. ♥


....and the gifts keep growing on...


Amy Sullivan said...

Clicked over from Ann's. Ahhh, yes, the power of words, especially handwritten words, beautiful.

Amy said...

Great list. Thanks for sharing