Thursday, January 14, 2010

Those Balls Again!

It appears that I'm juggling several balls again.

I seem to be unable to, write a book, start a new ministry, read for pleasure, read for homeschooling, read to study for my new ministry, read through the Bible chronologically, homeschool 3 children, take care of a elderly man with dementia, be a Mom, Wife, friend and blog as well. do I juggle. Well, the fact is I don't.

Funny, I had to pause a moment because I'm baking cookies and the timer just went off.

I'm doing the best I can, but I have to say out of all of those things, I'm letting the blogging go. I don't want to, I don't mean to, I just have to. My words are being split. By the time I finish my book, no one will ever want to read it because they will have read it already in one form of media or another. Which is really okay. I'm really just writing the book to have it bound and in the hands of my children. It is everyone else in my life, who has had a glimpse of the book, that is encouraging me to get it published. (Fear and trembling).

So be patient, I will return with my catching up on family life, words of wisdom (haha), and nuggets of truth learned by those in my life, so easily shared on the canvas of a blog screen! I will return. So much is going on it really helps to write it out! But alas, my kitchen timers beeps again.


mariki said...

Remember to take your vitamins!

And don't forget to enjoy the race...

Hi I'm Michelle said...

I understand letting balls go. Time will shift things, it always does. God is good.