Monday, November 7, 2011

The Dailiness of Life

Simplicity. I'm beginning to think we take it for granted. There was a time when I thought that everyday we do the same thing - is this what life is really supposed to be like? We really don't (do the very same thing day in and day out), it just feels like that sometimes. I'm sure everyone can relate to: wake up, go to work, come home, make dinner, go to bed and the same thing over again tomorrow. The dailiness of life. I've come to really appreciate those days. There is a simplicity in the routine that brings joy and comfort. Here is a peek into our daily lives.
This is what goes on every single day. If you were to peek into our home on any given day, you would find Mr. Incredible with all of his books and the laptop. He preparing for his future and ours. I'm thankful for this opportunity for him as well as all of his hard work and sacrifices...his perseverance..because we know that..."suffering produces perseverance;  perseverance, character; and character, hope. And hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us." Romans 5:3-4. 

Over in the play room are my superheroes. Free play...there is something so wonderful, freeing and therapeutic about free play time. Time when you have to get on the carpet and pretend, time to be creative and learn about relationships, friendships and love. Here they are playing with their Dad's 40 year old cars and trucks. Traditions and heirlooms being passed down from generation to generation.

Then there is me.
I think that I've probably struggled the most. I know that I've been called to be a missionary to my children. This is the highest calling of my life. I know, beyond a shadow of doubt that I am supposed to be homeschooling. There was a day, days probably if I'm being honest, that I felt like I could should be doing more. After all, I have two degrees, I've taught high school, I've worked in the corporate world, I've spoken in front of hundreds of people, God must have something in store for me...that is more than this. (Sad but true confession).

What is more important than this? That leads me to my 1000 thankful I am for the

220. Dailiness and the simplicities of my life (not to say that my life is simple - it is far far from simple, but I will look for making it more so) thankful to the Lord for...

221. Treasured moments with my superheros, making memories that endure for all eternity!

222. Opportunities to teach them the very best, individually fashioned the very best way for each of them to learn.

223. Being able to capture the moment they learn to love to learn.

224. The freedom of inviting serious creativity to our learning experiences..not to mention laughter and joy!
225. God's amazing provision and the sacrifices made, that afford me to homeschool..against all odds.

226. The simple moments together, like playing with trucks on the carpet or blowing bubbles outside.
227. A husband, a true advocate of homeschooling, that encourages me in my true calling..if there is ever any doubt..the highest call of my life...being a Mom. My work for the Lord always begins right here.
228. The Word that continually reminds me of all that I'm to be grateful for. (I can be thankful for His Word every week...after all, it is what sustains me every day!)
229. The excitement I experience when I go to sleep at night and know that tomorrow will indeed hold some of the very same things that today held...the dailiness of life.

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Allison Reynolds said...

I love that scripture about perseverance. Thanks. I also struggle with this same issue...Lord isn't there more than this. But then I remember what I am pouring in, and my eyes go back to my raise my godly seed!!