Friday, November 4, 2011

The Reason Behind the Cookie Delay

It is Friday and I don't have an update to the Cookie Chronicles. That is because I think I have the flu or at least a bad cold. I've been pumping the vitamin C directly into my veins...(well, not directly), so I'm hoping to be well enough to do our big family fun day tomorrow. We are so looking forward to it. (I'm not giving too much information here...that will be tomorrow night's blog!)

I have received Facebook messages, wall posts, and comments here asking for the recipes of the cookies in the Cookie Chronicles. I have figured a way to share them. You can now stop by Krypton's Kitchen and take a look at the new location for all my favorite recipes. I will be working on linking all of the cookies to this site (as well as any yummy recipes that I try). It is going to take a little time, but it is up and running and I've posted a "welcome blog post". So go, check it out.

Oh and by the way if you are struggling with a cold this season...I swear by this:

I take 3-4,000 mg. a day...right when the symptoms start. I felt like a truck ran over me yesterday, and today, I'm feeling a bit better.

Oh and at night I do use:
After all...taking care of 3 superheros and Mr. Incredible...I don't have any time to be sick. So...go..check out the new blog!

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Doris said...

Glad you are feeling better Lisa! I think Vicks and EmergenC need to pay you some type of endorsement fee :):) I will check out the link where you are posting cookie and other yummy recipes! Can't wait to read about your family fun day festivities..