Friday, November 11, 2011

The Eleventh Hour...

 ...of the eleventh month on the eleventh day...fighting officially ceased in World War I. How did you honor our veterans today. We have a very special veteran that we love dearly...and we couldn't wait to see him today. (There are many in our family, but this one is extra special to us) We zoomed through our homeschooling and baked some cookies (Pop loves cookies). I just love that picture above...Pop is so happy at Clare Bridge..and we love to visit with him. He gets a kick out of seeing Mike in his scrubs. We celebrated Veteran's Day with all the people at the home today.
 All the boys made special cards. Pop took great pride in serving our country. My children have had the honor of living life with Pop for the past 8 years. Although these past few years (prior to August when he went to Clare Bridge) have been incredibly difficult because of Pop's Dementia/Alzheimers, one of the many benefits to living with a man who repeats things all the time is really learning what he repeats...and boy did he really love to talk about the army and his job as a radio operator in Okinawa.
 What is with all the candy right? Well, there are 11 candy corns, 11 m&ms and 11 wheat know because it is 11-11-11 today. We actually held off until 11:00. you see it now. I know we are crazy. We gave each other 11 hugs, we jumped up and down 11 times (that picture was really blurry)..we totally just enjoyed our day today. Then we went to visit Pop. We met our favorite nurse there..since the hospital he is learning from is right by Pop.

 The boys presented their cards and the cookies...and we asked Pop all kinds of questions about the war days.
 Finally we ended our stay, singing patriotic karaoke...Pop is already famous for his singing. We knew that wouldn't take long. He use to sing in the boys choir at his church when he was young..has quite the precious.
 It was a big celebration presented by Hospice. They read poems, played music, saluted the flags and then...

Presented each veteran with a certificate of appreciation for their service for our freedom. We enjoyed cake and ice cream (well they enjoyed cake and ice cream...I enjoyed a latte at Starbucks afterwards). All in all I think it was one of the most special Veteran's Days ever...ironically even more so now that Pop is living away from us. Bittersweet when we left...I always shed a tear. I thank the Lord for blessing us with Pop...we love him so much!

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