Friday, November 18, 2011

Arrows In My Hand

"Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are children born in one’s youth. Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them. They will not be put to shame when they contend with their opponents in court." - Psalm 127:4-5

Married at the young age of 21, the thought of having children didn't even enter my heart or head until a few years after being married. However, the Lord had a plan for me. In those early married years, when my focus was on finishing school and starting a career, and getting to know this man I married after only dating for 9 months, the Lord made sure I knew that He had plans even though I had no idea how they would ever unfold.

I'll never forget a woman in my church coming up to me on a Sunday morning, I was maybe 22 years old, not even thinking of starting a family. She, almost shy, told me that the Lord had been prompting her to do something that she has been avoiding. She said that she was feeling convicted and needed to be obedient, "Can I pray for you?" I remember looking at her and thinking, of course you can pray for me, why on earth would you even be nervous about that? I'm a young woman, newly married and could use prayer...always! Then she did it. I was taken aback. She reached her hand and laid it on my womb and began to pray. I thought, "Okay? This is...interesting." She prayed, I gave her an appreciative hug and we went on our way into the next few years not giving that another thought.

Then, the desire was birthed in my husband and I...children would be wonderful..let's just see what God will do. Thus began my journey to become a Mom. Not having any clue that I would be infertile at this point, we went the first year...just "seeing what God would do." The following year we asked my OB the famous..."What's up Doc?"

The next 10 years would bring us to our knees, praying over decisions, adoption, fertility, living without children. These same years would bring numerous words of prophecy over my life, specifically over my fertility. Prophetic words can seem odd if you are not used to hearing, discerning and seeing God move that way. When I say I was prophesied over at least 6 times from people whom have never met me, let alone new about my issues with fertility, I am not exaggerating in the least. Each one is as amazing as the next, however, one in particular is what this blog is about.

Because we didn't have a family, Mike and I would often be the couple that would volunteer to do the airport run for the missionaries, worship leaders and guest speakers that would come to our church. We absolutely loved this little bit of intimate time to get to know some of these amazing people. One person in particular probably has no idea how much he had spoken into my life....Kent Henry. For over thirty-five years, Kent Henry’s ministry has been totally devoted to worship leading and training. He has led worship on six of Integrity Music’s Hosanna! recordings, including: My Refuge, The Secret Place, and So Close to You. He has also produced 22 of his own worship recordings, including: Captivated, Bulletproof, Jeremiah 29:11, Children Worship!, The Psalm Series and Dance in the Glory. - you can see his full bio if you click on his name.

Way back 17 years ago, I sat in the back of the car after an amazing worship seminar bringing this man (who, by the way, could have totally been plucked from the Woodstock generation of the 70s) back to the airport. He asked about us having children. We just said no, sparing him from the details of the beginning journey of infertility. He looked behind, in my direction and laughed. I remember thinking...this guy is...interesting in an odd kind of way. Then with such a pleasant smile behind his laugh he patted Mike on the shoulder and looked at me in the back seat and said these words..."No worries sister...there will be babies in the house man! God's got a quiver just for you...He wants you to know matter what happens in the next couple ARE gonna have babies in the house!" and  he a laughs again. How did he know I was even the slightest bit worried..and what is he talking about "babies" can only have one at a time...and when this happens for me...I'm gonna space them out so I can handle it!

Ten years later, I had twins...babies in the house. Exactly two years and two days later I had 3 "babies in the house".

Well Lord, now that we have our quiver full of the arrows you have planned for us, please help us to see clearly the target you have set out for each one. I sit here today, after my time in prayer this morning, asking the Lord for direction. My arrows are 10 and 8 now...boys..all boys...and they are right around the corner from puberty and growing into men. I do not want to miss the mark. After all of the prophetic words I have had spoken over me (some other blog perhaps) I know (even when I wonder) that these specific arrows were designed with Mike and I in mind...they are His, but given to us to raise. Oh Father, thank you for the arrows in our hands, help us now to see the target, to aim and to shoot straight.


Dauvy said...

I remember the first time I saw you. It was my first time to EAC and there was a big service under a giant tent in the parking lot. I was a young mother, struggling to identify with my child and just having a hard time dealing with being a mother when I never wanted to be one. You got on the stage and shared your testimony of faith, your journey to motherhood, and the losses you endured to get there. It was then that I realized what a blessing I had in this little girl God gave me, because she is definitely God given as she made it through the birth control barrier, lol. It has been a long journey for me to get to where I am at now, to where I can enjoy everyday's moments with my children ,love them and laugh with them. Thank you for opening my eyes to that, you are a great friend <3

Allison Reynolds said...

This is so my heart. My heart cries out to the Lord daily on the direction we need to take this family. At times it is scary to raise children, the uncertainty of the life ahead...the constant questioning about are we doing this right. I guess this is the area we need to totally trust and listen..and listen...and listen. Thanks Lisa for sharing.

Michelle said...

What a blessing your boys are, I just love them to pieces. Born at just the right time, just the right years; any sooner and our relationship would be different.

Anonymous said...

like joy in the morning... after a season of weeping...