Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Cookie Chronicles 5th Ed.

Cookie #10
November 11, 2011
Coffee Spice Cookie
Dave Dinardi 

Mr. Dave requested this cookie a few weeks ago. It has taken me this long because I've been fighting a flu or a bad cold or something. It has just drained me.  I'm finally feeling better and I knew that we would be seeing Mr. Dave and I wanted to make sure we could deliver the cookies. Here is the thing about our Mr. Dave. He is a great husband to his wife (and my sweet friend) Amy, a fun dad to his 3 children, coaches their sports, was President of the PTA, was my children's favorite Sunday School teacher and he is a dedicated detective for the Daytona Police Department. So, it shouldn't surprise you that he would choose a cookie with coffee as one of its ingredients. Admit it, when you think of law enforcement, you can't help but think about the donuts and coffee consumption that takes place. Now I think that some of that is just Hollywood's perception, but I know this law enforcement friend of ours loves his desserts! Sadly we have been unable to convert Mr. Dave to becoming a Starbucks lover, but we'll never give up. So here we are happy to oblige him with our Coffee Spice Cookies.
I wanted to remind you that you can find this cookie recipe on my kitchen blog Krypton's Kitchen. Please go check it out. I give step by step instructions (with photos) including some of my special twists on how they are prepared. I think you will enjoy just stopping by the kitchen.

So since Pop has moved to his new home, there is no reason to have instant coffee in the house. The last time I made these cookies I had a decaf container of instant coffee because Pop couldn't drink regular. So I had to buy some. Just look at those cute little packets of instant coffee..perfect for recipes that only call for a teaspoon. Disclaimer: I have actually had instant coffee in my home...but it is in a whole different league. I chose not to use it in these cookies because it would require me to dispose of what is leftover from the packet and I couldn't do that. So much easier to buy the cheaper brand and use it for baking and reserve the best for coffee on the go or iced coffee. I was going to share this in my other blog but I think it will fit better here. You want to know what kind of instant coffee is the best...sit back and watch this 9 second clip of pure joy...

So much goes on in my home on a daily basis. As you know I homeschool my children, so when it is baking time, I love that they are with me and can participate in whatever way they want to. However, before they can help with the fun...reading must always be done! So here is Shane..reading his reader while I'm getting my mise en place ready. (Check out the other blog)
In between history, math, reading, and writing oh and remembering our Veterans..baking did get done.
This is one case where I have to say, the batter does taste yummy. Low on sugar, this cookie will totally appeal to coffee lovers, because it doesn't interfere with the sweetening of your coffee. Sometimes, sweet cookies throw off the balance of taste when you are drinking coffee with your cookies. I know some of you understand what I'm talking about..then there are others that are thinking I'm just insane!
This is my Official Taste Tester..Shane..making sure the dough is perfect. I will talk about the dough and give some personal hints about how to make this recipe work in my other blog. You will have to give yourself some time for this cookie, the dough must be refrigerated for a few hours before you can slice them. The final product made the house smell so good.
Here they are above. To taste it alone, my children (except Shane) would prefer a sweeter cookie, but I kid you not, take one bite of this with a cup of coffee..and you will feel like you've left earth and gone to heaven. It is the perfect coffee cookie!
I wanted to throw this little picture in of my adorable little potholders that my precious adopted grandma Carla Sellers made for my 40 birthday a few years ago. You can tell she made them with my superheroes in mind...two identical ones to represent my twins and a one slightly different to represent my Shane. Aren't they sweet? You know, homemade thoughtful gifts are priceless and sweet - we have a dish of Coffee Spice Cookies nicely wrapped for Mr. Dave (we were hoping to surprise him at the station on Friday..but he was called away), I'm sure he'll sit with his plate and a cup of coffee. Hope we got your interest peaked and you will stop by Krypton's Kitchen for more information plus the recipe. Wonder what will fill my cookie jar this coming week? These never made it to the cookie jar...gave them all away this time. Stay tuned for the next edition of the Cookie Chronicles...until then..stay sweet..after all, we all need a little sweet now and then.

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