Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cherry Boy!

I am just so in love with fruit! You think I have a lot of turtle pictures (see blog below) you should see the number of fruit pictures I have! HA! Anyway, I love cherries! Don't they look delicious! Last week I purchased some cherries, but I was afraid no one would be able to enjoy them because we had a stomach virus running wild in this house! It lasted 10 days and it included everyone....including our 91 year old Pop! Oh how fun! So this was Wednesday when, since I wasn't sick yet, decided to pull out the cherries for Shane and I. He is my child when it comes to good food! He had been bugging me to wash the cherries so I did! Then....I remembered how "unfun" cherries were with children.

Why? Well let's see:
1. They stain; fingers, clothes, anything else the child touches.
2. It looks like the above picture.after being chewed and spit out a few not to swallow the pit! (clearly I was not interested in things being spit out of any one's mouth by our 4th day of stomach virus & everyone missing the toilet!)
3. I have to do the next picture!

Yes...always fun! Do they have some kind of instrument that takes the pits out of cherries? Pampered Chef must...if you know of something will you comment please!

However, when all is said and done...this makes all of that labor of love worth my time and effort! Sadly, that night...guess who got the stomach virus! Yup...that would be my cherry boy! Oh I am so thankful I can laugh about it now!

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Michelle said...

I am not a cherry fan, but I wonder if you like dried cherries? I have a dehydrator you can borrow if you'd like. We use it for fruits as well as to make our own beef jerky, the food thought inmy house right now is: we want protein! Let me know.