Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tan Skin & Pink Toes

This is my favorite week of the summer so far! Just me and my boys, relaxing by the pool. Reading good books, playing Legos & learning to swim in the deep end!

Here are a few shots of our relaxing week!
If my family reads this blog...the picture above is very cool! Kyle has finally learned to swim in the deep end. Actually I think that he has always had the ability, but not the courage....the difference is the goggles! I had him try to swim without them and sure enough, he will not open his eyes under he had a lump the size of an egg on his head from smashing into the side of the pool!
The boys are in the pool for about 5 hours a least! They just love it! When they get out, I get in and do some laps! In the meantime...I relax in the sun and shade with a book!

He is such a cutie!
Tan toes!


Whitney said...

That does look like an awesome time. I praise the Lord for pools! LOL Thanks for making me feel better about the beach =o) I am really looking forward to our Bible study - I worked a little in day 1 this morning. Love ya!

~The backwards chow

mariki said...

How blessed are you kiddies to have a mommy that prize them so much!


(And I promise to get back to you, hopefully over the weekend. Have been to LA on business this week.)