Friday, June 12, 2009

Shhhh....It's a Sneak Peek!

Today is my twins 8th birthday! I have mentioned several times about the books that we get them instead of cards. We write a very meaningful and heartfelt letter in the front cover of their books with memories of the past year, and prayers for this coming one. Well, I just finished their books while they are still sleeping I thought I would give you a sneak peek.

You can see that only Kyle & Brendan get the books today...Shane will get his on Tuesday! Each boy however, is receiving a new Tee Shirt because...well...because we are going to Disney World! If it is your birthday you get to go to Disney for FREE!! So we get 2 for FREE today! (So Shane's little card says..."Because we love you Shane!" and he gets a shirt too.)

More on the book choices when I get their reaction on camera! Both of these books are amazing (and really so perfect for this past year and what my children have been asking, experiencing and dreaming about lately!) I can't wait for them to wake up....well, actually...I need to go to sleep and pray they sleep in just a little!


alliosn said...

Happy Birthday boys!!! What a special treat to go to disney...and you get two in for free!!!

Michelle said...

I can't wait to hear about your Disney day! Always so much fun over there- we are blessed to live so close aren't we?! happy Birthday boys!

My Roller Coaster Life said...

What a bonus to get 2 for free!!

ginny said...

Just saying hello and wishing those adorable boys a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! Have a great time at Disney !