Thursday, June 11, 2009

What Anonymous Said!

I laugh because if you read the comments to my blog below you can read what Anonymous said and it is true. I have been distracted lately. I think about that often. My friend Michelle told me that my blogs do not have to always be deep and meaningful if you blog often. So the pressure doesn't need to be there to make it "book" worthy (because I'm writing a book I feel like everything I write must be placed in my book)! If that were the case, really, no one would have enough time or energy to read anything I have written.

I must confess to whomever Anonymous is that it is not only FB, it is Skype as well. Recently we got connected (ironically through FB) to close friends of ours who live in the Philippines. Bruce and Jane were some of the closest friends we had when we were married and in college. We went through the birth of all three of their beautiful daughters with them and went through some of the most difficult times with them as well. We have been out of contact for 12 years only to have found each other last week. So to say I have been distracted, it would be a true confession and for that I am sorry, but for the richness in my relationships (and having a webcam is amazing)...well, if you know me relationships mean so very much to me!

So I'm here and I'm about to write another post...when it pours!

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