Monday, June 22, 2009

How To Keep Cool & Stick To Your Diet at Disney

We had a wonderful day in the Magic Kingdom for the twins birthday. They got the royal treatment! It was a Friday and it was 95 degrees. Why is it important that I share those two details? Well, I weigh in at Weight Watchers on Saturdays and it was ridiculously hot outside (hence the title of this blog!). I didn't want to register a gain on the scale the next day so I had to be very careful not to splurge in the land of milk & honey!

Here we are on the boat to the magic Kingdom, after our pep talk about going slow and keeping cool!

So the recipe to keeping cool in the dead of summer at Disney goes like this:
ride Splash Mountain (get soaked) then ride Thunder Mountain (get dried), then repeat 4 times. Splash Mountain, Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain....Great Fun! (By the way, just a plug for Disney. If you have a child with special needs, they give you a pass to get on everything without the wait! Thank you Disney for blessing us!) Then Kyle discovered this: A fountain in front of the First Aid Station. Yes we ended up in the First Aid. Shane sliced the skin right off of his finger and it wouldn't stop bleeding. Fun!
The other way to stay cool is to go into all of the air conditioned attractions. Here are my boys preparing to get their permit to carry a weapon!

And here we are purchasing hats...the gifts shops are freezing cold!

Then of course there is always this:
This is not Weight Watcher friendly, so I set out to find something cool and refreshing and free (free as in the value of points on Weight Watchers). Where there is a will...there is a way!

Chilled (packed in Ice) Sour Dill Pickles...YUMMO! I love pickles and yes they are free on Weight Watchers and only $ we purchased a few for the road! This little stand in Liberty Square sells fresh fruit, veggies and ice cold pickles!
So there we are above...staking our spot for the fire works and evening light show...soaking wet from, you guessed it Splash Mountain! We had a wonderful magical day. My kids were amazing, we were there for 12 hours straight! We just love Disney. We miss having our Annual Passes, but we enjoy it every time we go!
Kyle and Brendan both agreed: This was the best birthday EVER!


mariki said...

Lisa, I loved sharing in your Disney visit, thanks! Oooh, how those boys enjoyed this, Mommy.

And I loudly and clearly applaud your Weight Watcher journey -- have been there myself, ugh...but oh, the sweet rewards.

(Will e-mail back soon.)

Michelle said...

Sounds like a great day- although gotta be honest those of us with no "disability" are not so happy that Disney lets you all on the rides with no wait- one day for the rest of us never allows for that many big ride repeats, instead we make friends with all the surrounding people in line... next time I'm taking Kyle with us!! hehe!! Great job on the pickels, perhaps I'll take you along too for the healthy eatting aspect!

Also since I've been gone I caught up on all your blogs, glad you're posting more. You bless me with this blog. I'm telling you in a day with technology post your devos here!!! Love ya!