Thursday, May 28, 2009

What Is It With The Turtle?

The Engels are undeniably huge turtle fans! I have over 12 pictures of turtles in my photo software...possibly because turtles are slow enough to capture on camera...or possibly because they are so adorable!

They are indeed interesting. Did you know that The Latin word for tortoise, which is testudo, was also a name given to a technique used by Roman soldiers during warfare? The soldiers would huddle together and hold their shields above their heads to form a protective dome. This allowed them to approach the enemy and keep safe from the arrows, spears, and stones hurled at them. A little bit of Roman history never hurt anyone!Sizes and weight of turtles range from 4 inches like bog turtles and 1500 pounds like the leatherback turtle.

Another of the many interesting turtle facts is that turtles can be found in every continent except on Antarctica.
Then of course there is the story of the tortoise and the hare. Hmmm....I am just fascinated with turtles! Odd that we do not have them as pets...I will tell you why....salmonella! We will stick to our cat for the time being. However, we will most likely have 12 more pictures of the turtle at least by the end of 2009.

Odd post huh? Something more deep is coming, I has just been a busy month of May!


Michelle said...

Interesting post, I just saw a turtle the other day in the yard. We have been know to save them from the middle of traffic and nearly get peed on.

Post more often and they don't always have to be deep, life isn't always a serious deep thought, afterall you have over a dozen turtle pics. Love ya!

Amanda said...

So cute!