Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sad To See Them Go!

Kinda! It has been a blast with our twins (click to see what I'm talking about)! I asked the boys today what will they miss most about is what they said: "I will miss their little cries for help", "feeding them", "kissing them", "I think Mickey (our big cat) will miss them too!", "I will just miss them being around here...they are like our family now"! How adorable that my boys fell in love! It is a little hard to let them go, but my boys weren't the one's having to give them a bottle every 5 hours - (which means sometimes at 11:00pm) and they didn't have to greet their little cries of starvation in the morning, and they didn't have to clean up after them every time they went potty! Plus little babies have very very sharp nails! However, I have to agree, having them around was kind of adorable and sweet! (I also cannot wait to get my home smelling like a home - glad to be done with poo!) Sounds a lot like having a newborn huh?

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Michelle said...

How sweet they are/were. How brave of you to take them on, I have a few extra if you want one to take their place. Hehe