Thursday, July 24, 2008

More Gifts

Continued from previous posts....1000 Gifts (my gratitude list)....I am thankful for....

101. Our cat's soft fur.

102. Energy outlets for children (ie. the jumpy place, the pool...)

103. My friend who said that she once prayed that she would have an autistic child! (she did not get one, but now she has my Kyle in her life!)

104. The imagination of a child.

105. Bible stories that I've known for years, still teaching truths to my heart! (Who can deny that the Word is Truth!)

106. A teachable spirit.

107. Not so "easy" times, to remind me of the things that are important.

108. Special moments of snuggling with a book - even if it is all about spiders!

109. Growing independence! (this is ouchy, but it is good) (Brendan has made scrambled eggs at the stove for everyone for breakfast for 4 days in a row!)

110. Pool side chats with girl friends.......ahhh....if feels so good!

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