Monday, July 14, 2008

Gratitude List Continued

1000 Gift List Continued from previous posts....(I am thankful for...)

91. The awesome ability to cry. Oh it does wonders!

92. Children who love me and care about me! May that never change!

93. A glass of cold water and a warm hug! Thank you Karen!

94. Friends who know your pain and care to pray!

95. Teenage girls who love to babysit!

96. Date night with husband and friends!

97. My Baby "B", my trustworthy, reliable boy who is (hopefully not on a sugar rush right now) growing up as I type!

98. God's amazing protection and provision in our lives!

99. Other Moms who know what it is like to have a "special" child.

100. Having the time to have lunch/coffee with a sweet friend who shines like the sun - she is contagious!

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Momma-of-5 said...


I've been praying for you all day. I read the post about your little camper this morning. I spent the day at the pool with Shannon & Shannon. I don't think you know her, but Shannon Maura has a 2nd grader and he's SO cool. Everytime I saw him...I prayed for you. 7 IS young. He'll do great. So will you. You're a great mom and he's a remarkable young man!