Sunday, July 27, 2008

Five Teeth in Two Weeks!

Ok, the tooth fairy is having a hard time keeping up! The one thing about having this many children around the same age is that it can get very expensive. No, I don't mean college tuitions (well, I do mean college tuitions, but no right now)! The teeth, they keep falling out! Brendan lost 1 and Kyle lost 1 the same day! Shane lost a tooth two days before that and then one day after Brendan and Kyle and then just lost another one. I hope that equals five! All I know is that my boy now looks like a hillbilly! I hope that is ok to say! (You know those fake smiles you can buy at Walmart - the Bubba Teeth....that is kind of like his smile!) Check it out!

This would be Brendan assisting in the tooth pulling ritual! I will not engage in any such thing!

Then there is the fact that 2 years ago when Brendan lost his first tooth, he prayed and asked the Lord to please tell the tooth fairy to leave some money for his brothers too, 'cuz they would be sad! So, now whenever someone looses a tooth, that person gets a dollar and a note and the other boys get some change (all sprinkled in fairy dust of course)! Well, since all of this craziness of teeth coming out so every day, Kyle found a tooth under his bed! Ooops. I guess the tooth fairy just couldn't keep up! She already left the money, but hey Kyle was going to try again. (The tooth fairy is very smart, she took the tooth and left a note saying that she could not be fooled - but that it made her smile that Kyle tried!) Anyway, it has been fun around here let me tell you!!

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Barclay 5 said...

Much to Maeve's disappointment, she has not lost even one tooth yet. Thanks for a look at what is to come!

Love to you, xo