Sunday, July 13, 2008

He is only 7!

UGH! I am having a hard time! I must be crazy - my 7-year old Brendan is going off to summer church camp for a whole week. Other than me leaving my children with my husband, I have never been away from my children for more than 5 days. There is something different about me leaving and him leaving. I am having a very hard time with this.

Brendan is very excited! We are all packed up and ready to go. He leaves at 10:30am tomorrow! I am sitting here typing as the tears roll down my face. Please say a little prayer for this Mama! Brendan held me tight the other day and said "Don't worry Mom, I will talk to Kyle and he will be the big boy while I'm gone - he'll help take care of things around here." I didn't realize just how much Brendan actually helped me all day long. He is my reliable, pliable, helpful one. I am feeling lost without him and he hasn't even left yet.

I am not the only one feeling this way. (By the way, don't worry, I am acting very excited and cool, it is just inside that I'm suffering.) Kyle (Brendan's twin brother) woke up today at about 3:00am and ran into our room crying "Where is my Brendan? Oh no, my Brendan is going to camp!" We got to church this morning and Kyle was hugging Brendan and saying "Oh no, this is not going to be a good day, Brendan's going to camp!" We all said in unison, "It's not until tomorrow Kyle!"

I also didn't realize how much I actually do for Brendan, after all, he is only just turned 7! I have constantly reminded him to keep up with his hygiene. I hope that he just will hear my voice whenever he is in the shower or at the sink! "Don't forget to brush your teeth!" "Did you clean.....?" I hope that he returns with everything I sent with him. My husband came in an shook his head. I of course, have two check lists for Brendan. One says "Items to Remember to Bring Home!" and the other says "Don't forget to.....".

I can do nothing else but pray for him now. "Lord, please take very good care of my boy. May he grow closer to you and worship you with all of his heart! May he have a wonderful time full of exciting and wonderful memories! Summer Church Camp is where I gave my heart to Jesus, may Brendan have a life changing time this week! Please protect him when he is in the lake, on the property or in his cabin. I pray that he will be himself and never feel pressure to do something he does not want to do! Lord I pray that you will speak to my boy's heart! I pray that he comes back with a passion for serving you and loving you! Lord, please tuck him in every night and Lord, please help me to stop crying!" In Jesus name, Amen!


Michelle said...

7 and all grown up. These next days will do by faster than you can imagine... enjoy your week!

allison said...

You are brave...I haven't been away from mine that long. Have a great week. Blessings! Allison