Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Picture Journal - October Homeschool Memories

Care to take a quick journey down our "Homeschool Memory Lane" for the month of October? Here we go....
Technically, this was in September, in honor of Johnny Appleseed! We love our Ms. Ida for pretending to be Mr. Johnny Chapman that day!

Oh, if you get a chance to read this book....it was great! We had so much fun learning about penguins! Next stop....Sea World - (that will be in November)!

Here is Shane at the Marine Science Center. That is one big shell! We learned about all kinds of animals and what the Center does to help wildlife in need!

Kyle got a chance to join us on this field trip! We love the animals!

When homeschooling, every opportunity can become a teachable moment. Brendan was fascinated by the little ferns growing out of this tree. Did I mention that we love living in Florida!

October was Fire Safety Month! This is our homeschool group - don't they look like a great bunch of kids! We are so blessed!

Here is Shane getting first hand experience some serious water pressure!

Poor Brendan was sweating hot that day! He did have a blast though! That horn is loud!!

Seeing "Nate The Great" live and on stage! Brendan read this book last year and the local college theater was running "Nate The Great" --this was Shane's first play (that he is old enough to remember)! This was awesome!

We even got "Nate's" signature for our copy of the book! So cool!

Here we are on Pumpkin Day. I told the story of how Christians are just like pumpkins and all the kids got to help carve their pumpkins. We played games and ate snacks! It was so much fun!

Science experiments are my kids favorite activities! So just how do cargo ships carry their goods and not sink? Finding out was so much fun!

Our final experiment of the month....."What makes a submarine ship stay under water?....How does it come to the surface?" The Engel boys know the answer now!

Well, thanks for joining us on our stroll through our October Homeschool memories! Catch us later as we stroll through our family memories next!

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Simply Dani said...

What? You mean that's not a pumpkin patch? Lol I always thought that's what they were.

Being a homeschool teacher looks so incredibly fun... I think I'll do that for my kids - in many, many years.