Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Little Less Testosterone Today

Yum! Does it wet your appetite a little bit? Well, there is a story behind these beauties! (I know, another story...I can't help myself really!) Join me as I rewind and take it from the top!

The phone rings at friend Jamie had her baby today...its a girl...Julia...Dad sounded very tired, but very excited. Nice start to the morning right? It gets better.

10:30am....a knock at the is my date for the day (I sound like Joe Friday huh?). I could hardly stand the excitement. My friend Madeline and I planned this date for her to come and bake with me today! Madeline is in the 5th grade and she is such a smart, beautiful, loving, sweet girl and I am blessed to know her! Watch and remember this young lady, she will be the first woman on the moon! Madeline's Mom is one of my best friends here in Florida. I have found a sister in her and I am thankful to the Lord for her friendship. She is an amazing woman who, with her sweet husband, have raised 3 beautiful girls. Along with Madeline,there is Amelia, she is in the 4th grade and she proclaims to everyone at school that she indeed has 3 brothers --- Kyle, Brendan and Shane! This girl is full of love, generosity and kindness. Finally, there is Elinor. Elinor is in high school and my boys adore her. Almost worship really! LOL! We all love Elinor, she too has a sweet spirit, is kind and generous and full of love! These are three of the most beautiful girls I know, both inside and out! So, today was my day with Madeline! Here is a photo journey of our date!

Isn't it amazing how all of this seen below, mixed together brings about all of what you see in the above picture. Oh of course, there is my secret ingredient that you don't see here, but that goes into every one of my cookies and my husband swears he can taste it every single time!
Here we are getting ready, aprons on! I am sporting the Official Starbucks Apron, while my partner Madeline is wearing the ever so fashionable Elvis Apron. Does she have great taste or what!

Madeline so delicately yet confidently handles my prize KitchenAid mixer with such professionalism!

We made Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies!

We made Pumpkin Date Cookies. OH MY GOODNESS! YUM!

Finally we made Special Occasion--Sugar Cookies!

After 6 hours of baking and another 1.5 hours of decorating......this was the result!
Now is that a sweet picture in every single way or what? Seriously, we worked very hard today, but we laughed and talked and she just blessed my socks off today! Shhhh....don't say anything, but I heard it through the grapevine that my next treat might be for me to get to spend some time with ALL the girls and Mom too (again...without all the testosterone around). OH I just can't wait! I love you Maddy Moon!


lkb316 said...

Hi, it's Madeline. Thanks for inviting me over. I had a wonderful, amazing day! See you Sunday!
Maddy Moon

Michelle said...

What a wonderful day you had.

Simply Dani said...

I love those kids :)

Michelle said...

OK, so these look so yummy. I'm sure they didn't last long. What a fun day too!